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Luz Kyncl, LCSW, CHCVerified

Luz Kyncl, Psychotherapy, Mindfulness & Health Coaching

Beverly Hills, CA Online Sessions Hablo Español

Hello and welcome! If you feel lonely, depressed, overwhelmed, or ridden by anxiety, or are struggling with overeating or physical ailments, then you can benefit from the knowledge, experience and guidance of a professional therapeutic coach. I offer psychotherapy, health coaching and mindfulness training for individuals, families and groups. I am devoted to providing an integrative and holistic approach to wellness that includes a tool-box of practices and techniques, using cognitive behavior therapy, mindfulness and wellness coaching to treat an array of afflictions, including anxiety, depression, overeating and low self-esteem. Before becoming a health coach, I spent over twenty years working as a family and child therapist, helping adults, children and families suffering from mental, emotional and behavioral issues. After suffering with my own health issues for many years, I was completely healed by changing my diet and lifestyle). That experience ignited a passion for nutrition and made realized that we cannot completely heal, unless we address the mind-body connection. My focus now is not just on emotional and mental health, but also on physical and spiritual well-being. I am devoted to empowering women, individuals and families as they seek awareness, and provides the necessary tools so they can live happy and fulfilled lives.

Analin Flores, Licensed Marriage, Family, and Child TherapistVerified

Florecer Family Counseling

Woodland Hills, CA Online Sessions Hablo Español

Hola! I am a 2nd generation Dominican-American who grew up in the Caribbean. I am humble to possess my Hispanic heritage! I founded Florecer Family Counseling with the main goal to inspire individuals eliminate emotional obstacles and unhealthy habits so they can BLOSSOM in their lives. Florecer Family Counseling is a place where you, or even your whole family, can grow while honoring your Christian faith, culture, language, and schedule. At Florecer Family Counseling we are passionate about helping children discover their strengths and personal worth and to provide them with essentials skills so they can thrive in their world. We work alongside the parent(s) or caregivers to help them develop effective parenting skills in order to assist their children with the challenges they may be encountering. Florecer Family Counseling also provide services to individuals and couples who are seeking to grow and flourish in their personal lives and their relationships. Because of crazy schedules, faith strengths, and culture, Florecer Family Counselng wants to honor families by providing services that accommodates their needs. Florecer Family Counseling is here to help you and/or your family find true growth. Contact us today to begin this journey!

Jesus Mendoza, LCSWVerified

Mindset Therapeutic Services

West Covina, CA Online Sessions Hablo Español

HOLA! I am a bilingual male therapist. Let's face it, life is full of challenges. We are all dealing with something that is making us feel sad, helpless, anxious and alone. It's normal to look at our current situation and think that there is no way out, but I am here to tell you that there is hope for you. In a safe supportive environment, I encourage open communication that will give you the tools you need to handle anything from everyday challenges to life altering events. My office is an invitation for you to share your struggles, triumphs, and hopes for your future without judgment. As a licensed clinical social worker, I specialize in immigration evaluations, individual counseling for adolescents and adults, and treating depression, anxiety, trauma, grief, stress, life transitions, etc. I have extensive clinical experience working with culturally diverse individuals from various ethnic backgrounds. Help is just a phone call away, so if you believe I am the right person to help you re-program your MINDSET, don't waste another second and call me today so we can start this challenging yet rewarding journey together. CALL ME TO SCHEDULE A FREE 15 MIN PHONE CONSULTATION.

Angel Alonso, Marriage and Family Therapist InternVerified

Angel Alonso

Henderson, NV Hablo Español

My belief in people, accompanied by diverse life experiences and formal education/training, give me the ability to look at most sides of what may be troubling situations with a fresh yet informed perspective. These tools will also be utilized to tailor a unique approach aimed to help you overcome life's obstacles. While providing a safe and comfortable environment to express and explore thoughts and feelings in an effort to direct you to a healthier and happier path. My continual work with a diversified population has fostered an embracing and understanding culturally attuned practice. I appreciate, and am honored to work with individuals, relationships and families of all kinds, who are facing challenges and may be contemplating change. Mi creencia en las personas, acompañada de diversas experiencias de vida y educación / capacitación formal, me da la capacidad de ver la mayoría de los aspectos de las situaciones que pueden ser problemáticas con una perspectiva fresca pero informada. Estas herramientas también se utilizarán para diseñar un enfoque único destinado a ayudarlo a superar los obstáculos de la vida. Mientras que proporciona un ambiente seguro y cómodo para expresar y explorar pensamientos y sentimientos en un esfuerzo por dirigirlo a un camino más saludable y feliz. Mi trabajo continuo con una población diversificada ha fomentado una práctica integral y comprensiva culturalmente. Aprecio y me siento honrado de trabajar con personas, relaciones y familias de todo tipo, que enfrentan desafíos y pueden estar contemplando el cambio.

Kristeli Zappa-Monterroso, LMSWVerified

Kristeli Zappa-Monterroso, LMSW

No Location Available Hablo Español

Growing up in a bilingual and bicultural family and having lived in different places in the world has given me a deep understanding of how it feels to not completely belong to one place or another. To only partially be able to fit in with some things from one identity and some things from another can be a complicated way to grow up, but if explored can be beneficial for our lives going forward. Our minds have the great ability to change throughout our lives. A therapist’s job is to help reduce negative symptoms by facilitating positive change. I believe that we all have the desire to lead meaningful and fulfilling lives, and the ability to know and do what is best for us. Together we can explore thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that may be causing distress and work to make life what you want it to be. I have worked with people of all ages and with a variety of experiences. I take a holistic approach and focus on how we can use your strengths to meet your needs and reach your goals. Whether it is by learning about how your past has formed you and is affecting you now, and/or finding more practical solutions to pressing issues. Please contact me if you have any specific questions.

Iris Cruet-Rubio, LMFTVerified

Miracles Counseling Center

Gardena, CA Hablo Español

Welcome/Bienvenidx! I know that sometimes life can feel overwhelming and, often times, the fears keep you from seeking out help. You don't have to do it all alone! I recognize how hard it is to seek therapy. I'm here to help you take that first step and help you start working towards strengthening your most important relationships. Regain your zest and passion for life. Discover a deeper sense of purpose. All of this and more can come about when you commit to the work of therapy. I individually tailor services to best meet my client's needs. I cultivate a safe space for self expression. I have ample experience working with adults experiencing anxiety, depression, trauma, grief and loss, struggling with cultural, gender, & other issues. I’m here to help you feel like yourself again. Contact me today to set up a consultation to see if we’re a good match for building a client-therapist relationship based on trust. Today can be the first day of an amazing new chapter in your life. Call me! Sé que a veces la vida puede ser abrumadora y, muchas veces, los temores evitan que busques ayuda. ¡No tienes que hacerlo todo solo! Reconozco lo difícil que es buscar terapia. Estoy aquí para ayudarle a dar ese primer paso y ayudarle a comenzar a fortalecer sus relaciones más importantes. Recupere su entusiasmo y pasión por la vida. Descubra un sentido de propósito más profundo. Todo esto y más puede suceder cuando se compromete con el trabajo de la terapia. Yo personalizo los servicios individualmente para satisfacer mejor las necesidades de mi cliente y cultivo un espacio seguro para la autoexpresión. Tengo amplia experiencia trabajando con adultos que experimentan ansiedad, depresión, trauma, duelo y pérdida, luchando con temas culturales, de género, etc. Contácteme hoy para programar una consulta donde veremos si somos una buena pareja para construir una relación cliente-terapeuta basada en la confianza. Hoy puede ser el primer día de un nuevo capítulo increíble en su vida.

Natalie Y. Gutierrez LMFTVerified

Natalie Gutierrez

New York, NY Online Sessions

Hola!! I’m Natalie Yvette Gutierrez, a native New Yorker Latinx born of Puerto Rican parents. I have my MA in Marriage and Family Therapy and am licensed in both the states of NY and NJ. I also have my certification in trauma studies from Manhattan Institute for Psychoanalysis and recently obtained certification in complex trauma. I am also a member of the International Association for Trauma Professionals. Much of my work is dedicated to providing psychotherapy to adult survivors of trauma and complex trauma. Trauma, as I understand it, can take on different forms. I have worked with adults that suffered relational trauma (abuse or neglect by parents) and childhood and adulthood sexual trauma/sexual betrayal. A traumatic moment can be one single event or a prolong series of events. Trauma is the imprint these moments leave within us, shaking up who we were and detaching us from the core essence of ourselves and the experience of a safe world. I try to help clients regain a relationship with themselves through body, mind, and spirit. I consider my style of practice a peaceful balance of directive and non-directive approaches pending what my clients feels is the best fit. I also try to make my practice eclectic, using my understanding and training of several different approaches to explore how and what rebuilding might look like for you. My sessions typically explore the past and its presence in here-and-now situations with individuals (and sometimes broadening the work to couples/family where fit) to develop a greater understanding of how inner wounding of the past or unresolved family of origin issues and family dynamics may be influencing struggles of the present. I am passionate about working with individuals that are looking to work through unresolved family of origin issues, trauma, anxiety, depression, shame, and issues around attachment so they can best live their wholesome Self.

Aneissa Rosas-Sanchez, LCSWVerified

Aneissa Rosas-Sanchez, LCSW

San Rafael, CA Online Sessions Hablo Español

Welcome to my practice. I am a licensed psychotherapist and have been working in the field since 2004. I have a private practice in San Rafael, CA and am currently seeing adolescents and adults of different ages. My work supports individuals as well as parents and families through life stressors and transitions. I have extensive training and experience in treating trauma including attachment and developmental as well as situational trauma and PTSD. My work incorporates the neuroscience of doing therapy including the wisdom that our bodies hold to heal. Depending on a client's comfort level and needs, I also honor, respect, and welcome ancestral practices that are available to many of us through birth right in the healing process. I teach all clients, especially clients of color, that self care and preservation are not only important to "being well' but a revolutionary act. Lastly, through the lens of child development, I do specialized work supporting families through a parent's cancer diagnosis and developed a training that was given to the social work staff at UCSF. I welcome your interest, questions, and call. With Gratitude, Aneissa Rosas-Sanchez, LCSW

Monica M. Magallan, Marriage & Family Therapist – InternVerified

Muñoz Family Therapy

Las Vegas, NV Online Sessions Hablo Español

Michelle Lozano, AMFTVerified

Light on Anxiety CBT Treatment Center

Chicago , IL Hablo Español