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Sidney R Torres, Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Sidney R Torres LMHC, PLLC

Wilton Manors , Florida Hablo Español

I am a bilingual (English and Spanish) licensed psychotherapist in Private practice in the WILTON Manors/Fort Lauderdale area. I work with a diverse population with emphasis on mood disorders: PTSD, Major Depression, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Bipolar Disorder, LGBTQ services, Men Issues, and Substance Abuse. I am also SMART recovery certified and use it on my treatment modalities. I have more than 6 years in practice. I have worked from inpatient treatment facilities with individuals struggling with thought disorders and substance abuse, as well as outpatient services to individuals struggling with anxiety, depression, and other mood disorders. I am also specialized in LGBTQ services and I am a SunServe Therapists Collective member.

Luis Resendez, LMFTVerified

Vida Counseling Services

Riverside, CA Online Sessions Hablo Español

Men (especially Latinx and those of color in general) do not seek mental health support for an array of reasons such as cultural stigma, the lack of services aimed at addressing their needs (how many places offer support groups for new fathers?), and generationally engrained beliefs that men do not talk to others about their issues. Sadly, when men account for 75% of all suicide victims, we know a problem exists that's not being addressed. That's where my work begins. My approach to therapy is come to your visit, discuss your concerns with me as I listen, and I give you feedback on how to deal with it. I tell you what you NEED to hear, and now what you think people tell you that you want to hear. Even though I take my job seriously, my wit and humor are ways I remind clients I am REAL and not the sweater vest wearing vest therapist you see on TV. Modern day problems require a modern day therapist to address them. I am trained in several modalities such as EMDR and TF-CBT that have been proven to be effective to help client's deal with an array of issues such as anxiety, depression, and trauma. I accept major insurances as well as out of network benefits, and private pay options. Your journey towards healing and a fulfilling life begins with a call or email. Don't be a prisoner of your pain any much longer.

Nancy Ortiz, LCSWVerified

Indigenous Circle of Wellness

Los Angeles, CA Online Sessions Hablo Español

I offer cultural centered therapy to people with diverse and intersecting identities, such as: Chicanx/Xicanx, latinx, indigenous, people of color, immigrant, LGBTQIA+, and people with disabilities. I encourage people to reconnect to their natural healing abilities and cultural practices. I integrate individual’s artistry and creative practices as a source of continued restoration and healing. I specialize in supporting the healing work of individuals, parents & children, couples, and families experiencing relational difficulties due to traumatic life experiences. I aim to co-create a supportive & healing environment with you and serve as a guide towards achieving your goals and meeting your needs. I aim to support individual and collective development from trauma through recovery to live a full, enjoyable, and fun life feeling connected, confident, and calm. My clinical focus is on the recovery from sexual abuse & assault (childhood/adolescence/adulthood) & recovery from intergenerational harm & violence (family/community/state). I approach trauma recovery from a social justice, feminist, and multicultural lens. I am currently working on sex therapy and somatic therapy certifications.

Melissa LeSane, AMFTVerified

Los Angeles Sex Therapy

Toluca Lake, CA Online Sessions

Melissa LeSane Associate Marriage & Family Therapist #113950 Employed and Supervised by Moushumi Ghose, LMFT #44134 Melissa works with individuals, intimate partners and other relational groups who want to focus on relationship and sexuality issues. She values and inspires intentionality, creativity and pleasure in relationships. She enjoys working with folx that are curious about non-monogamy and those who are currently in non-monogamous relationships. She’s passionate about working with people of color in exploring and navigating non-monogamy. As a sex-positive therapist, she enthusiastically affirms and seeks to work with those within the LGBTQ+, kink, BDSM, sex work and open-relating communities. Her strength is to personally connect with you through playfulness, compassion and curiosity, that will hopefully feel safe and encouraging for you to explore Self and how you relate with others. She values vulnerability and intentionality, and her presence is empathic, supportive, creative and embracing of life’s nuances. Please reach out if you have any questions or curiosities about working with Melissa, that she can address with you.

Elizabeth Sanchez, LMFTVerified

InnerSoul Counseling

Whittier, CA Hablo Español

Are you tired of feeling stuck? Unmotivated? I am here to provide a safe place where we work together to challenge your current thoughts and feelings. My goal as a therapist is to provide counseling services to a diverse population, including services in Spanish. I enjoy working along side clients who are driven to positively change their lives and are willing to take the initiative to reach their destination of a more fulfilling life. My specialty is utilizing a strength-based approach with adult clients around issues of intimacy, stress management, life transitions, & enhancing personal relationships. Some of my areas of interest include EMDR therapy which helps clients resolve their trauma and other issues such as stress, panic attacks, performance anxiety, complicated grief, stress reduction, disturbing memories, sexual and or physical abuse, phobias. I also have training in completing immigration evaluations. Se Habla Espanol Below you will find the different types of visas or asylum that require a psychological evaluation in order to obtain a permeant residency in the United States: U Visa, Asylum or Refugee, Violence Against Women's Act (VAWA), and Visa T

Claudia Morales, LCSW, PPSCVerified

Social Justice Healing

Whittier, CA Hablo Español

Vanessa Bever, LMFTVerified

Capital District Therapy

Albany, NY Online Sessions Hablo Español

The client is the expert of their mind and my role is to use my training and education to help my client unlock crucial information. We are all social beings and at the heart of getting better are nurturing relationships. In other words, we cannot do it alone. When you are going through a hard time it can be filled with stress and emptiness. There’s nothing worse than being alone, without clarity on where to go and what to do. We get stuck in a funk, a place we have been before and we feel grim about things changing for better. I'm a therapist that provides a substantial amount of encouragement & support to my clients. I'm not an empty cheerleader, I'm here to provide quality treatment to improve your life. We don’t always have words for what’s going on within us. Being asked the right questions and talking things through with the right person can make all of the difference. I have specialized training in working with individuals with pervasive developmental disabilities, preschoolers, children, adolescents, as well as young adults. I want to know about the things you are noticing that feel off. I'm here to be with you through tough times with concrete feedback on ways to help you in your current state. I want to help you achieve the results you are seeking to see in yourself and in your relationships. ***Currently only offering day appointments *** .

Carolina Perez Placencia, MSW, LSWAICVerified

Carolina Perez Placencia Counseling

Renton, WA Online Sessions Hablo Español

I am originally from Aguascalientes, Mexico raised in the U.S. since age 7. I identify as a bi-cultural, bilingual, Spanish/English speaking, undocumented immigrant, and woman of color. Majority of my experience comes from working with communities of color from different age groups and backgrounds in various capacities for over 10 years. More specifically, with the Latinx immigrant community. My work with different age groups across the mental health field has allowed me to have a deeper understanding of the different stages of development outside of my academic education. Especially, how trauma transcends through generations and throughout a lifetime when it is not addressed. ​I consider trauma work my specialty and have an understanding of the co-occurring mental health struggles that often follow. My recent work experience has been heavily concentrated in trauma-focused work specific to sexual abuse/assault, while addressing the many intersections of violence that come with it.​ I embrace social justice and multicultural counseling to serve minority groups. My mission is to provide culturally responsive and accessible mental health care. I view the facilitation of healing (therapy) as an interactive process that aims to increase your sense of well-being. I believe in the inherent strengths, resilience and creative potential of who you are as an unique and valuable individual. My practice is rooted in social justice and a decolonizing mental health perspective. I am intentional about anti-oppressive ways of healing, and aim to meet the person where they are. I consider systemic issues and take an intersectional approach to addressing the impacts on the person's mind, body, and spirit.

Tina M. González, LMFTVerified

Flor Y Siendo Therapy and Wellness

Montclair, CA Online Sessions Hablo Español

As a native Angeleña and daughter of immigrants from México, I founded Flor Y Siendo Therapy and Wellness to create a bilingual and culturally sensitive space in which people can find growth and healing. I have significant experience working with people that have experienced childhood trauma and abuse, which often presents as anxiety and depression. My goal is to meet you where you are, at the intersection of your identities, to work collaboratively and in support of you in improving the quality of your life as well as your relationship with yourself and others. My approach to therapy utilizes a person-centered and strengths-based approach with you as the expert in your life. I support you in creating a meaningful narrative that honors all the parts of you and solidifies the roots for who you are becoming. I believe that we all possess the ability to heal ourselves and would be honored to walk alongside you on your healing journey. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Como una Angeleña e hija de inmigrantes de México, fundé Flor Y Siendo Therapy and Wellness para crear un espacio bilingüe y culturalmente sensible en el que personas pueden encontrar crecimiento y sanación. Tengo experiencia trabajando con personas que han sufrido traumas y abusos en la infancia, que a menudo se presentan como ansiedad y depresión. Mi objetivo es encontrarlo donde está, en la intersección de sus identidades, trabajando en colaboración con usted ayudandolo a mejorar su calidad de vida, así como su relación con usted mismo y con los demás. Mi enfoque terapeutico es centrado en la persona y basado en las fortalezas que usted ya tiene. Mi papel es de servir de guia. Lo apoyo en la creación de una narrativa que honre todas las partes de usted y establece las raíces de la persona de quien se está convirtiendo. Creo que todos tenemos la capacidad de sanarnos a nosotros mismos y sería un honor caminar a su lado en su viaje de sanación.

Bedelcia Franco, LMFTVerified

Holistic Journey to Healing Trauma Therapy

West Hollywood, CA 90048 Online Sessions Hablo Español

Hola! My name is Bedelcia Franco. Holistic Journey to Healing Trauma Therapy provides a place of healing in mind, body and soul. I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with 10 years of experience providing mental health services to children, adolescents, and adults. I have dedicated my career to treating wide range of mental health conditions and relational problems. I take a collaborative approach with my clients and will work on teaching you skills to manage stressors and symptoms, and thrive. My office is currently located in West Hollywood (serving Central Los Angeles, Hollywood, East Hollywood, Los Feliz, Mid-Wilshire areas, Koreatown, Echo Park, Silver lake and Boyle Heights). My office hours are Fridays from 8:00am-4:00pm. I also have the availability to do online sessions, in home or walking therapy sessions on Saturdays and Sundays from 8:00am-12:00pm. I look forward to hearing and being a part of your journey. I currently have several reduced rate session slots available (90-100$). Please reach out for a free 15-minute consult to start your journey towards healing. Today you took your first step, I am so proud of you and I look forward to meeting you. Sano yo, Sanas tu, Sanamos todos.

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