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Gloria B. Osborne, LCSWVerified

Glow In Therapy

Burbank, CA Online Sessions Hablo Español

Do you ever find yourself wondering how and why you’re at a certain point in your life? Perhaps you’re tired of the same old routine or you continuously find yourself challenged with life circumstances. Often times, we get consumed with life and months can go by before we even realize how much it’s weighing on us in all areas. The beauty of these circumstances is that they provide an opportunity to grow personally, professionally, and psychologically. Working together provides the space to explore your current challenges as well as effectively develop the tools necessary to thrive and create the wonderful life that’s awaiting you. Isn't it about time you shine? I am a bicultural/bilingual Spanish Speaking Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over 7 years experience working with children, teens, adults, families, and couples. I am currently providing online therapy and specialize in assisting individuals to overcome traumatic experiences and major life transitions such as relocation, grief and loss, a career change, and starting and/or ending relationships.

Blanca E Amaya, LCSWVerified

Blanca E Amaya

Pasadena , CA Online Sessions Hablo Español

Hello! Hola! Welcome! Taking the steps to seek help and invest in your mental wellbeing is one of the bravest things that you can do! I will accompany you though the journey and meet you where you are. As a Latinx professional, I specialize in providing culturally competent, solution focused, trauma informed psychotherapy with transitional youth (18-25), adults, and older adults with diverse values, beliefs, sexual orientation, and gender identity. I have broad experience working in Anxiety, Depression, Grief and loss, Life transitions, and Domestic Violence. In addition, I work with Latinx professionals and professionals of color navigate Imposter syndrome, First generation issues/conflicts, Immigration issues, and Generational Trauma, Career issues/Conflict, Stress management and difficulty balancing work and life stressors. Through the use of various psychotherapy methods and collaborative treatment measures, my patients develop life-changing habits to help them cope with any of life’s various obstacles. My therapy sessions are designed to dissect personal issues and provide patients with effective tools to help them see the glass half full instead of half empty. Researched based Therapy Modalities uses include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectic Behavioral Therapy (DBT) and Motivational Interviewing. Feel free to contact me with any questions! I offer a free brief phone consultation. During this consultation we can discuss what you are currently struggling with and how you feel I might be able to helpful you.

Heady Campana, LMFTVerified

Heady Campana, LMFT

Burbank , CA Hablo Español

I am a bilingual Spanish speaking Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with over 11 years experience working in non-profit agencies with children, teens, adults, and families. I have experience dealing with life transitions, anxiety, relationship issues, adoption/foster, anger management, behavioral problems, self-esteem, divorce-related, education-related, family separation/conflict, and social-skills. My experience providing therapy ranges from treating high-risk youth to foster care children and their families. I am currently working at LAUSD elementary schools as a therapist and running parenting groups and children social skills groups. My private practice is located in Burbank, California, where I provide services to those experiencing parent-child relationship conflict, depression, anxiety, low-self esteem, behavioral problems, and a variety of other mental-health issues. ​When I am not providing therapy I spend time with my family and friends, and self-care engaged in yoga and spin classes. Thank you for your trust in me.

Yuritzy Gomez Serrano, AMFTVerified

Counseling and Trauma Therapy

Concord, CA Online Sessions Hablo Español

I am a bicultural and bilingual Marriage and Family Therapist supporting clients into becoming the best version of themselves. I work with a wide range of emotional and behavioral issues that span from self-esteem issues, stress management, personal growth, life transitions, cross-cultural issues, anxiety, trauma, parenting, and family counseling. I support young and middle aged adults who are going through these life transitions and difficulties find solutions and live a fulfilling life.

Silvia Avila, MA, LCPCVerified

Silvia Avila Psychotherapy

Chicago, IL Online Sessions Hablo Español

Esther V. Gomez, MAVerified

Striving Minds Network, LLC

Miami, FL Online Sessions Hablo Español

Hola! Thank you for stopping by! My name is Esther Victoria Gomez and I am Cuban American, born in Gainseville, FL and raised in a little town outside of Miami called Hialeah. I am the owner and sole therapist of a private practice called Striving Minds Network (Mentes Esforzadas) in Miami, Florida. As a trauma-informed counselor, I have the privilege of helping young adults and adults who are presenting clinical concerns such as anxiety, abuse (sexual, physical, emotional, verbal, spiritual), and addictive behaviors. Were you sexually abused as a child with no one to turn to in order to talk about it and as an adult you have been triggered by painful memories? Are you in a physically, verbally, or emotionally abusive relationship and need guidance? Were you sexually exploited and are seeking freedom to regain control of your life? You try time and time again to break unhealthy habits or addictive behaviors and repeat the same patterns. Are you constantly in fear, panic, or worry its too overwhelming to bare? Do you believe anxiety has distorted your decision-making? If you have answered "yes" or "maybe" to any of these questions, then you have made it to the right place. Do you oftentimes find yourself stuck, trapped, or hidden? Pain is often skin deep, unseen, both in a spiritual and mental context. It’s difficult to overcome what you’ve experienced. Look no further, you've made it to the right place. At Striving Minds Network, you will discover the support to be heard and comfort to be eased from your burdens. I listen without judgment and demonstrate compassionate care. Give me a call today for your free 15 minute phone consultation. I look forward to working with you! **While conducting services, I am a working under the qualified supervision of Dr. Alison K. Davis, Ed.D., LMHC, NCC, BCPC.

Jessica Sagastume, LMHC, NCCVerified

Restoring Hope Counseling, LLC.

Cape Coral, FL Online Sessions Hablo Español

Yvonne Monteverde, AMFTVerified

El Molino Family Therapy

South Pasadena, CA Hablo Español

I am aware of the stigma surrounding therapy/mental health in the Latinx community firsthand and this was one of the deciding factors in me becoming a therapist. I began my career learning about traditional healing methods (i.e. drumming circles, sweat lodges, etc.) and how they can be utilized in conjunction with psychotherapy and thus began my understanding of a more holistic approach to healing: mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. I utilize an empathic, but firm approach with my clients. My job is to empower you to figure out what healing looks like for you and guide you on how you can achieve this. Much like other relationships in your life, the relationship you have with your therapist is a unique and special one. I am originally from the Bay Area and moved to Los Angeles to attend graduate school. I am bilingual native Spanish speaker, daughter of immigrant parents (Mexican mother and Peruvian father), and the first in my family to attend college and graduate school. My pronouns are She/Hers. My therapeutic orientation is person centered, psychodynamic, and trauma-informed, but have experience in utilization of cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness, solution focused, and other strength based techniques. I am also a writer for the website Powerful Latinas Rising, feel free to check out my articles: The truth about Self-care ( ) I am an Associate Marriage & Family Therapist and conduct psychotherapy services under the supervision and license of Miriam Bermudez, LMFT CA #45636.

Cindi RiveraVerified

Cindi Rivera, MFT. Listening with Heart

Oakland, CA Hablo Español

Hola y bienvenidos a mi práctica. Nací aquí pero mis padres son de México. I work with adult individuals and couples, and adolescents, especially people of color. I love to help folx who are struggling with depression, anxiety, parenting issues, loss, and marriage or relationship conflicts. People who come to see me have had traumatic or painful childhoods, have lots of worries, sadness or loss they can’t seem to get through or control, sometimes feel isolated or lonely in their communities or intimate relationships. Or they might feel like they don’t really belong or aren’t understood by the white dominated corporations they work in, or they’ve experienced infidelity or lots of arguments and unhappiness in their marriages. I listen deeply, convey my understanding with compassion, teach mindfulness skills to deal with the hurts in life, offer a new perspective that you may not have already thought about in terms of how to live your very best life. And I help couples to communicate in ways that feel better to both parties and build connection, resolve arguments, and grow a strong foundation for their families. I pay a lot of attention to your history, your feelings, your relationship patterns and what you aspire to have in all the important areas of your life, to help build bridges toward feeling more satisfied and at peace in your (Hot Mess) life. I also offer an online mindfulness course for women of color, and a couples workshop to divorce-proof your relationship. Thank you so much for your trust and courage to work with me!

Jazmin Perez Fisher, LCSWVerified

Sherman Oaks , CA Hablo Español

Hello. My name is Jazmin Perez Fisher and I'm a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. I'm a third generation Cuban-American. I understand the struggle between modern times and familial expectations. I understand the emotions that can surface when we are put in situations where we are expected to “comply” with family values yet the modern generation is telling us something different. I’m here to help you work through those tough times. I have extensive experience in the medical setting where I have worked with trauma survivors and patients and families with acute and chronic medical conditions. I have managed family conflicts, anxiety, depression, anger, and grief. Lets work together to get you through this tough time. Find me on Latinx Therapy

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As a first timer seeking therapy I was feeling overwhelmed and unsure where to begin. While social media gets a bad rap at times, it definitely helped me through the beginning process of finding my therapist! I knew I wanted a Hispanic/Latina woman therapist, so after coming across Latinx Therapy on Instagram I felt relief and motivation to keep on my search. I slid into the DM of Ms. Adriana Alejandre, founder of Latinx Therapy asking for advice and suggestions on how to find particular therapists in my area. Ms. Alejandre replied with not only compassion but a directory that was the goldmine in which I found my amazing therapist that I have been seeing for over 2 months now! I could not be more grateful for having found Latinx Therapy on Instagram and for Ms. Alejandre providing her directory. If you’re considering therapy and want to feel comfortable with someone in the Hispanic/Latinx community, but have no idea where to start I highly recommend the directory you can find on Latinxtherapy Instagram.


I really appreciated the ease of finding a Latinx therapist and services for not just myself, but also for my son. I reached out to Latinx Therapy and found that they had many members from all over in their network, so I was able to choose from different therapists and make the best decision for my family. Latinx Therapy's questions were also truly helpful, as I did not know what I should have been asking.

Jazmin T.

I’m a 26-year-old queer woman of color. It has been some time that I have spent doing research for a therapist in hopes of finding one that fits my wants and needs. I lost my mother a little over a year ago, my life has changed drastically, I’m constantly needing to readjust and I know that I would benefit from therapy. I found my therapist through Latinx Therapy. It’s difficult in our communities to find these Latinx women professionals and it has been refreshing to see someone put in the work to provide our community with this resource.

Genesis A.

I contacted Adriana [from Latinx Therapy] a few months back when my family and I were going through a very difficult transition. I didn’t know where to begin this journey- for one, I needed someone who not only understood my families background but also spoke Spanish. I believe it is very important to our community to have someone in the field of psychology as a mentor and a leader who genuinely cares for our community. Thank you, Adriana!

Jessica G.