Interested in learning more about disordered eating? Join the Latinx pilot cohort starting June 17 for only $100. We are receiving a 95% discount as part of this partnership. 

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Text LT to 741741 for mental health support and crisis intervention in English or Spanish. Please share this resource.

La Alianza en Español partnered with Latinx Therapy in 2024 to increase access for postpartum support and services through Postpartum Support International for the general public, and mental health professionals seeking to get trained en español!

Use our partnership code to receive $25 off your Social Work of MFT Exams. As of 5/7/24, we are pending re-activation of the code: LATINXTHERAPYFAM

Use Adriana Alejandre’s Gusto affiliate link to receive a $100 Visa when signing up for a plan.

Latinx Therapy is a mental health advisory council member for the RareImpact Fund, a commitment of one year. 

Immigrants Rising- Members and our general public of mental health professionals who are interested in providing pro bono services to the undocumented community are encouraged to sign up to their Mental Health Match Connector program.

Use our affiliate link to receive $200 in credit for this Electronic Health Record system when you sign up.

In 2019, we partnered to encourage Latine therapists and psychologists to sign up to United We Dream’s directory of providers serving the undocumented community.  

Women’s Cancer Resource Center, located in California, partnered with Latinx Therapy to connect Spanish speaking clinicians who are interested in providing services to women with cancer.

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In 2022, Breyers and Latinx Therapy partnered to create a bilingual toolkit called: Conversaciones Vainillas

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