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Are you a caregiver looking for support for your child or teen? Or an adult looking to heal wounds from your childhood that may be keeping you stuck in ways that you are unhappy with? If so, I am here to offer support.

I am Wendy Llamas, a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) and EMDR Certified Therapist, Approved Consultant based out of Northern Orange County, California.  I consider myself a childhood therapist. Half of my caseload is supporting kiddos with the help of their parents to process any relational wounds or trauma they may have experienced. The other half of my work is supporting adult women who did not receive the support they needed in childhood and are discovering how that is creating issues in their adult lives.

Like many clinicians, my journey as a therapist began in my own childhood. I grew up in Eastern Los Angeles County as the Spanglish speaking daughter of a Tex-Mex dad and Mexican mama. Throughout my developmental years, I struggled with anxiety and self-esteem issues that were the product of my own upbringing. As I grew up, I began to work jobs that unknowingly allowed me to take on the role of the adult/helper I wish I had as a child.

Through my own healing journey including personal therapy, I have been able to address and work through many of my childhood wounds and bring a greater sense of safety, peace, and confidence into my life. I use the knowledge I have learned in this process, along with all my education and trainings, to offer therapy services that are strongly guided by the deep desire to let those I serve feel less alone in their experiences, and more seen, heard, and understood.

I am on a mission to help children, their parents and adult women of color recognize, release, and adaptively shift the negative beliefs and behaviors that might be blocking their ability to fully heal, grow, and be the highest version of themselves. Please visit my website to learn more about myself and the services I offer.

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