Buenas! I'm Violetta and my pronouns are she/they. Welcome to my bio! I’m a Spanglish speaking, Mexican American LCSW therapist that works with clients in California and Texas. I support folks who don't feel safe and supported by their families. This includes biological and non biological siblings and extended family members.

My experience as someone that has been disowned and no contact with my family for the last 4 years inspires my work to support others experiencing family trauma and dysfunction. 

If you are a member of the BIPOC and Queer community who struggles with difficult and dysfunctional relationships with family, then you understand the shame and guilt of trying to create an identity of your own from them. 

During our time together you can expect the following: 

  1. Identifying a healthy level of contact with family members, including low contact or no contact.
  2. Confronting and transforming guilt, anger, grief, & shame.
  3. Navigating family gatherings including holidays by creating exit & safety plans.
  4. Challenging societal, cultural, & familial beliefs that may not align with your personal values. This includes beliefs about identity, decision making, and family. 
  5. Creating an inner dialogue that affirms your identity, needs, interests, and capabilities.
  6. Exploring grief and creating meaning about the estrangement. This helps to provide a sense of purpose behind your boundaries including no contact. 

Tools that we use to process during our session includes psychoeducation, Inner Child Healing, and focused mindfulness, also known as Brainspotting. Brainspotting helps us to identify, process, and release stored trauma from the body. 

On the side I'm an aqua instructor and love making wreaths! I'm a former teen mom and absolutely love spending time with my daughter. I earned my Bachelor’s in Social Work in 2013 and my Master’s in Social Work in 2014 from Our Lady of the Lake University, in San Antonio, Texas. I welcome you to share your journey with me.

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