Hello, I am Victoria! I am the daughter of Mexican immigrants. I was born and raised in California. Being First-Gen can feel scary for many, and a lot of us are learning how to do the inner work our parents did not have the opportunity to explore in their own lives. My hope is that I can offer education so you can learn more about yourself, some tools to help you reach your goals, and a space to do some safe healing work. When I am not doing this work, one would likely find me hanging out with friends & family, enjoying music, or trying a new food spot. First Gen Feeler is all about inner healing and breaking unhealthy generational patterns. And a reminder- yes, trauma can be passed down- but so can healing. 

Let’s answer the question right off the bat- Why do people go to therapy? One way I like to put it is that people go to therapy when their mind and body are not connecting. For example- your mind wants to “move on” or “focus”, but your body is having all sorts of feelings. Sound a little familiar? Another reason one would go to therapy could be to regain some sense of control or to build self-trust with themselves. Maybe there is something that keeps on coming up in life, that you would like to address so it doesn’t continue to interfere with your relationships or daily life. Or maybe you are the first in your family to be on a healing journey and are experiencing the growing pains of what comes with making that very brave choice. For whatever reason has brought you to read this, I’m happy you’re here.

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