Hello, I am Victoria! I created the definition of “first gen feeler” because I noticed that being the first in your family to be going into a healing journey can feel lonely and a bit confusing. I love to work with ‘first gen feelers’  from all backgrounds- those continuing to do innerwork from where their parents left off, those who are the first in their family to be breaking generational patterns… those who are just trying to figure out how to start their inner healing journey… and more. I created FGF for others to feel seen, heard, validated, and to maybe learn a couple new tools along the way.

Have you been contemplating potentially attending therapy? So, let’s answer the question right off the bat- Why do people go to therapy? One way I like to put it is that people go to therapy when their mind and body are not connecting. For example- your mind wants to “move on” or “focus”, but your body is having all sorts of feelings. Sound a little familiar? Another reason one would go to therapy could be to regain some sense of control or to build self-trust with themselves. Maybe there is something that keeps on coming up in life, that you would like to address so it doesn’t continue to interfere with your relationships or daily life. Or maybe you are the first in your family to be on a healing journey and are experiencing the growing pains of what comes with making that very brave choice. For whatever reason has brought you to read this, I’m happy you’re here.

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