I am a Latinx (Mexican and Ecuadorian) therapist, and overall just a proud Brown girl. I know what its like to have a therapist who doesn't understand your family, your background, and the struggles you face as a Latinx person in the United States. I am passionate about serving my community, and have advanced training in Chicanx psychology and Chicanx Affirmative therapy. I specialize in trauma, and working with first generation Latinx clients. I know you are a complex person. You've had painful life experiences that continue to impact you even though you don't want them to. You may find yourself feeling stuck, reacting in ways that don't make sense, and reliving past experiences over and over in your thoughts or even in your dreams. Fear comes out of nowhere, and it is exhausting being on guard all the time. It may feel like you can't trust anyone, sometimes not even yourself. But healing is possible. You deserve joy, peace, and deep healing. When you heal, you heal the generations before and after you. I use EMDR, narrative exposure therapy (story telling), parts work, CBT, and somatic techniques that are proven to help diverse people heal from traumatic or overwhelming life experiences. My practice is anti-oppressive and social justice focused, because things like racism, sexism, heterosexism and xenophobia play a role in our suffering, and shouldn't be the elephant in the room. I can help you find relief from your suffering. You deserve high quality, warm, and compassionate care from someone who understands your culture. Please reach out for a free consultation if you would like to walk the sacred path of trauma recovery together.

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