Welcome to my Page Bienvenida , You have taken a big step today by considering therapy. This tells me you are ready for change. I applaud you for that! I am proud of you.

You have tried ignoring it and hoping that Anxiety Nervios will go away on it’s own. Maybe you have been over-working to distract yourself . It's possible you have tried therapy before without any success. You may notice that your sleep or eating habits are worsening.  You could also be experiencing physical symptoms or panic attacks due to Anxiety. You have tried talking to friends or familia but this is not helping.

You may also be experiencing Flashbacks or Nightmares due to past traumas. You could be too embarrassed to talk to anyone about. You are worried that no one will understand. You want to feel better and move beyond trauma. Therapy can help you by teaching tools to manage anxiety and trauma symptoms.

I'm Patty Munoz,  I'm a Bilingual Anxiety & Trauma Therapist in CA. I help Latinx people overcome Anxiety and heal from Trauma.  I have 14 years of experience working in mental health. I am also EMDR trained. EMDR is a therapy modality that has been proved effective to treat trauma and anxiety. Click here to learn more.  In Therapy, I will teach you better ways to manage your anxiety and empower you to use your voice to make the changes in your life. We may also need to process past trauma if it's currently affecting you. My hope is that you can move from Panic Survival Mode to living the Life You Deserve.

Please Contact me for your free 15 minute consultation or with any questions

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