As your guide, I utilize my own experiences to comprehend and empathize with your struggles. Whether that be anxiety, depression, trauma (PTSD), Immigration, cultural issues, relationship issues, or life transitions.  Together, we work through issues, employing a holistic approach that not only focuses on personal healing but also extends to generations past and those yet to come.

My approach is designed to empower you to heal from within while considering the broader impact on your family and community. By addressing confusion, misconceptions, and systemic challenges, we create a path toward generational well-being and resilience.

Motivated by the scarcity of mental health resources and accessibility during my upbringing, I am committed to bridging that gap for BIPOC communities. Destigmatizing mental health is at the core of my mission, fueled by the transformative belief that knowledge is power.

Trabajemos juntos para romper los ciclos intergeneracionales y sanar a su niño interior mientras honramos y respetamos la cultura y la familia. Date la oportunidad de ver cómo la terapia puede cambiar tu vida y la de quienes te rodean.

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Supervised by: Jessica Piña, Licensed Clinical Social Worker #101452

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