Are you a highly sensitive teen, young adult, or in a relationship interested in exploring your identity in a neurodiverse-affirming space? If you're on a quest to understand your distinct self, navigate the complexities of your relationships, & find your place in a diverse world, you've discovered a compassionate companion. My practice is a haven for those who experience the world intensely, offering a nurturing environment to explore & honor your sensitivities, & intricacies. Together, we'll focus on building resilience, enhancing communication, & fostering authentic living, empowering you to embrace and celebrate your true self. I specialize in counseling LGBTQ+ HSP teens, neurodiverse couples, & young adults, focusing on emotional understanding, identity exploration, & relational dynamics. My approach empowers clients through resilience, nervous system regulation, self-compassion, authentic communication, education, & creating a safe space for personal growth & deeper connections. I support you by focusing on understanding your emotional experiences, relational patterns, & the impact of societal, familial, & cultural norms on your wellbeing. We'll work together to reshape your relationship with mental health, fostering resilience & enhancing communication skills to empower your true self. Safety is co-created and cultivated through collaborative consent & communication, fostering a secure attachment & co-creating a nurturing environment for growth and authenticity. I am committed to providing sex-positive, anti-racist, LGBTQ+ affirming, culturally competent, & trauma-informed care through an intersectional feminist approach. I specialize in identity exploration and relational work concentrating on teens, couples, and families navigating their relationship with themselves and those around them. Feeling overwhelmed or lost in your journey? Whether you're a LGBTQ+, HSP, teen, couple, or young adult facing challenges, you're not alone. I would love to help you navigate your inner world, teach you to heal, & allow yourself to grow. If you're motivated & curious to delve into your healing, I invite you to contact me for a phone consultation. I am a 37-year-old, biracial, fourth-generation Mexican American, white, cisgender, bisexual woman. I work deeply with intergenerational trauma and how that arises in our survival mechanisms, defenses, patterns, and cycles within ourselves and how we relate to our families, partners, and friends. I have felt so disconnected from my culture due to my parents and past generations needing to stay safe and protect our culture from the oppressive and violent actions taken by white supremacy and colonialism to erase and eradicate us. As a result of these protective behaviors, there is such a disconnect and unawareness of my own Mexican and Indigenous roots. In order for my family to protect us from racism and discrimination, I was never taught to speak Spanish and I haven't been able to learn. I hold privilege as a white presenting woman, while at the same time, I have experienced racism, prejudice, and discrimination. I hold onto and hide my own trauma and that of my ancestors as I feel like it's not valid to speak truth to. I feel so in between -not Mexican enough and not white enough. When I find others that look like me and have similar experiences, I am in awe and feel less isolated -I strive to provide this for others.

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Supervised by Dr. Mary Read, LMFT#25112 and Employed by The Institute of Advanced Studies


Queer and Trans Affirming Professional Certification (QTAP)

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    Cisgender, Female
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