Hello, Buenas! I’m Jorge (pronounced Hor-Hey). I'm a social worker, mental health consultant, professional development trainer, and artist. I identify as Chicano/Latinx/Latine, Queer, Cis-Male, First Generation college student, and as being from a low-income background. As someone who has often felt excluded or unwelcome because of who I am or where I come from, I make it a point to make everyone I work with feel safe being who they are, taking risks, opening up to challenges, and trusting their own wisdom. Are you stressed about recent or future changes to your life? Are you exploring a career change?  Do you hesitate to reach out for help for fear of being judged or burdening others? Have you tried therapy in the past but are looking for sessions that are more conversational and engaging? In therapy, we can explore these issues with empathy, grace, and sensitivity to your personal identity. I consider it a privilege to join people committed to vulnerable and courageous healing journeys. I provide person-centered, trauma-informed, social justice-oriented, gender affirming individual clinical therapy that incorporates mindfulness practices. Personally, I also explore and enjoy learning about curanderismo and Indigenous healing & spiritual practices. I do not heal people. I join people as they discover their inner healer. It is an honor to serve Latinx and Indigenous community members from various backgrounds and diverse ancestral origins. While being Latinx is not a monolith and we are a richly diverse community, I also know firsthand that many of us:

  • are often the first in our families to pursue new opportunities— without much guidance,
  • experience the pain of generational trauma carried over by our caretakers
  • struggle to reconcile conflicting and shifting cultural values
  • need to dismantle deeply ingrained sexist and racist ideas and attitudes

… And that we often are doing all this work while trying to get a degree, hold down a job, cook a meal, and translate at the doctor's office for our parents! Despite the struggles many of us face, I believe we can tap into profound joy while navigating these experiences. I know what this feels like and know that it is possible to heal and thrive. What I’ve described is only a sliver of the rich and varied “Latinx/Latine experience” and I welcome the opportunity to explore these and many other topics within the context of therapy with clients. I have worked with a diverse population of clients that include (but is not limited to):

  • people exploring therapy for the first time
  • professionals navigating stressful, complex, and harmful work environments
  • transfer, college, graduate, and medical students
  • people exploring spirituality, mindfulness, and/or self-compassion
  • artists managing their creative processes, motivations, and emotions
  • people exploring various aspects of their identities; racial, sexual, relationships, gender, class, etc.
  • people striving to live in tune with social justice values

Currently, I am only conducting sessions virtually. For more information about me, my practice, and the population of clients I serve, please visit my website and/or schedule a free 30min consultation.

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    Licensed Clinical Social Worker
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    Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker
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    Cis, Male
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$90 - $150 per 50min session

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