Here at Feel It to Heal It, we are firm believers that mental health matters. As all of us have probably experienced first hand, life is frequently filled with  hardships, stress and traumas that leave a lasting impact on us.  Sometimes we find it difficult to get past these moments and experiences. 

Often times seeking help for our mental health can be stigmatized in society making it difficult to address what is going on. This is especially common in the hispanic/latinx community. We get it. We really do. Talking about your feelings is hard when you have judgement from your culture.  We don't talk about problems and they are often left unaddressed. Your feelings at times can be invalidated. You feel misunderstood and often bottle up those feelings until they reach a breaking point. You may even begin to question what is wrong with you because things do not seem to get better.

The reality is that this  "just get over it" mentally that our culture has normalize only leads to more stress and emotions over time that are not managed. We will get to that point of where we just need someone to listen and to help us figure things out. That is exactly where therapy comes in.

Here at Feel It To Heal It, we believe every story is worth hearing. We believe in the power of breaking generational stigmas around mental health and feelings.  We believe in the importance of healing and resolving past pain while embracing being connected to your feelings. Join us in improving the relationship with your mental health. 

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