**NOT CURRENTLY ACCEPTING** Clients for weekly EMDR Treatment via telehealth ** **NOT CURRENTLY Accepting clients for 1) Valued Living and 2) Burnout Recovery Short Term Treatments (more info below).

Hola! I'm a First Generation bilingual Latina who grew up in the inner city of Los Angeles. I practice through a trauma and cultural lens to help my clients understand the multiple layers of intersectionality such as race, class, gender, sexuality, and other identities. I specialize in trauma and suffering. I'm passionate about working with First Generation Professionals to help them process their suffering while also trying to navigate their multiple roles.  I have experience in working with First Gen in Helping Professions, such as social workers, fellow therapists, teachers, directors, engineers, lawyers, female managers/bosses, and entrepreneurs. I help adults reflect and heal from painful experiences. I encourage you to tell your story and reflect on how painful thoughts or emotions keep you from living your life according to your personal values.

Although, I practice from the different evidence based models of CBT, DBT, ACT and EMDR foundations, I also weave in social justice and holistic approaches, all tailored to your specific needs. Together, you and I will highlight feelings and focus on how to break unhelpful patterns. We will uncover core beliefs and inner child wounds, focus on regulating your nervous system, channel in your inner wisdom and develop healthy ways of living. I'm passionate about mental wellness because it's how we find peace. When we suffer, those around us suffer too. When we heal, we prevent toxic patterns from forming. The topics we will circle around: Imposter syndrome, Self-Care, Inner child wounds, Body regulation, Mindfulness, Self-Compassion, Boundaries, "Enoughness" Self-Worth and many more based on your individual needs.

Info on my 6-12 week Burnout Recovery Short Term Treatment: I have devised a very focused short term treatment dedicated to people who are struggling with burnout in their careers and lives (or even for preventative measures). Each week will build on each other. You will identify what's important to you to live a fulfilled life, get back to engaging in activities focused on joy and meaning, learn to set boundaries, and understand your current level of burnout or compassion fatigue. You will also receive a workbook where you will document this process and it will serve as your wellness plan and guide that you can reference during and after our sessions together. My experience in short term treatment, employment focused mental health, and my own path to burnout recovery all help me walk this path with you.

Info on my 6-8 week Valued Living Short Term Treatment: This short term treatment is focused on assessing one's true values in life and creating a plan for living in alignment with what's important. I guide clients to explore and identify their core values and create simple actions to get you living the life you want to live. I incorporate inner child/teen and future ancestor healing. You will also receive a workbook, digital pdfs, and other tailored activities for you.

I am the author of the Mending Roots Coping Guides Collection of books/journals listed below. Check out my shop page at www.mendingrootshealingspaces.com for coloring books, journals, and notebooks with mental health themes (for kids and adults, English and Spanish).

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