As a Latina and Black woman, I welcome conversations surrounding identity, biracial, and minority stress, and helping you identify and relate to yourself in a way that honors who you want to show up as in the world.

I understand the daily and sometimes exhausting balancing act of being condensed into the stereotypes of how you look on the outside, needing to work harder to stand out, and sometimes even harder to blend in, all while wanting to be seen and understood for who you truly are. Like you, I try to do this whole being a human thing to the best of my abilities and my self-growth journey will always read, in progress. I know how hard it is to show up and do the work and I know it’s a beautiful thing when you do. It’s my honor to enter into that space with you no matter what kind of day it is.

You are worthy of challenging and changing the scripts in your life that keep you feeling stuck. I want to help you learn more about who you are and what you want as you start to show up unapologetically as yourself. I work to make sure you have the space and support to learn and practice new skills without fear of judgment, learn to identify and state your needs, practice implementing healthy boundaries, and challenge those well-worn scripts to author healthier and more empowering narratives.

I have extensive training working with anxiety, trauma, relationship difficulties, career challenges, workplace harassment, victims of crime, and bi-racial and minority stress.

Change is only possible when we confront the patterns we engage in - the ones that keep us stuck, or repeating the same old relationships, or that hold us back from fully engaging in life. My job is to help you build insight about where those patterns come from and when and why they repeat.

You get to decide if you want to make changes and rewrite your story. Life is beautiful, and complicated, and sometimes messy. Part of having a rich and full life is getting out there and making mistakes as you grow and change. I’ll be there to support you as you navigate both the good days and the bumpy ones along the way.

I approach therapy from an emotionally focused/attachment based lens, with the belief that our earliest models of care impact how we show up in the world today. If you are ready to address past or recent trauma, I received specialized training in Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT) and Prolonged Exposure (PE), and EMDR, all of which are gold-standard treatments for trauma and PTSD.

Past clients have shared that our sessions were the first place they felt like they could truly be all of themselves without reservations, fear, or embarrassment. I love the work I get to do and I feel honored to be invited into this space as you explore the intersection of your identity – those spaces where you may often feel unseen, misunderstood, or unwelcome.

I believe that my clients are both capable and worthy of change and that you are doing the absolute best you can with the skills that you have right now.

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