Hello, my name is David Quiroz, LMFT#118466 (he/him/his).  I am a bilingual queer latinx, son of immigrant parents, a practitioner of somatic modalities, and a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist located in Los Angeles, California. I have a passion for mental health and social justice. I value and respect your unique lived experience. I am not here to serve as an expert on you, but as a collaborative guide in supporting you find your own truth and power. I seek to hold space free of judgement for you to make meaning of your inner world on your terms at your own pace. With radical acceptance and empathy, I will walk along side you as you explore, lean into, and accept the uncomfortable feelings in order to process, integrate, and transform emotional wounds. Though the compassionate holding of uncomfortable feelings—anxiety, sadness, loneliness, fear, guilt, doubt, mistrust in self/life, shame—your humanity in its wholeness can be embraced. I believe the only way out is through. Throughout this journey I will support you in developing a relationship with your body. I believe emotions and the somatic experiences related to these emotions can be gateways to a deeper understanding of self, self in relationship to others, and self in relationship to the world. I believe it is through these uncomfortable feelings and somatic sensations that one can uncover internalized emotional wounds and traumas. Through this integration of feelings and somatic sensations in the body, one is able to process stored traumas and uncover the insight within them to experience embodied acceptance, presence, balance, joy, trust, connection, and self-compassion. By following our body’s sensations, we can learn to befriend, trust, and inhabit our body safely. When the relationship with our wounded parts changes, the relationship with ourselves, others, and spirit changes. Providing a safe, affirming, and non-hierarchical therapeutic environment is fundamental in my approach in therapy. By healing we make room for an empowered and whole sense of self. My practice supports individuals in reclaiming their power through challenging imposed belief systems by being mindful of how trauma is influenced by social, political, and institutional forces. Politics is the personal evidenced.

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