Hello, my name is David Quiroz, LMFT#118466 (he/him/his).  I am a bilingual queer latine practitioner of somatic modalities and a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist located in Los Angeles, California.

Transformative/Healing Justice Oriented

  • My approach acknowledges that healing our world from systems of oppression—colonization, patriarchy, heterosexism, white supremacy, gender and racial violence—begins by tending to the impacts of these systems in ourselves and our relationships. I support individuals to explore how these harmful conditions become internalized and perpetuated, and in turn, practice restorative and radical approaches to care that work to transform our world inside out.

Somatic/Nervous System Oriented

  • I assist my clients in reconnecting with their emotions through somatic and mindfulness practices, enhancing self-awareness. By experiencing emotions in the body, we can observe, nurture, and transform how we carry the harm and trauma in our nervous systems. Engaging with and nurturing these emotions helps us bridge intellectual understanding with practical changes we seek in ourselves and our relationships. Clients often feel a sense of release, ease, and understanding as they learn to observe how emotions manifest in their bodies.

Integrative/Wholeness Oriented

  • I support my clients in divesting from the capitalist and Western illusion of complete healing, guiding them to reconnect with ancestral wisdom that recognizes transformation in darkness. I support them in cultivating a curious and compassionate relationship with darkness and integrating different parts of themselves through an approach informed by Internal Family Systems (IFS), all aimed at fostering transformation. Frequently, the aspects of ourselves manifesting through symptoms serve as portals to healing the underlying pain. This approach can offer a more sustainable way of navigating the continuous work of transformation and healing.
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