I am an integrative trauma-informed sex therapist, licensed as a Mental Health Counselor Associate here in WA state. I graduated with my Master of Arts in Psychology, focused in Existential-Phenomenological Psychology. As a therapist intern in my master’s program, I worked at DAWN (Domestic Abuse Women’s Network) in which I primarily worked with women who were in active trauma and were processing trauma and domestic violence situations. I had the absolute honor of sharing space with such incredible people, growing in my ability to hold space for the unimaginable.   Soon after graduating, I began working at a community mental health agency in which I work with people from various different backgrounds, situations, ages, etc. I currently work at this agency and love it. Recently, I graduated Antioch University-Seattle's Sex Therapy Certificate Program.   While I primarily work with trauma and abuse, I have found myself working with others who may be experiencing anxiety, depression, Bipolar Disorder, Schizo- disorders, addiction, life changes (e.g. divorce), grief and loss, and many more.   My approach to therapy is humanistic, existential, integrative, and holistic - grounded in the belief that you have everything you need within you to heal and thrive.  I utilize a variety of practices to help with grounding, mindfulness, psycho-education, and somatic work. By listening to and trusting the whispers of your intuition as our guide, we can uncover and move through what has gotten in the way of living a life that is authentically yours. Our work together will be centered on presence, embodied meaning, and relationship.   I work with individuals 18+ experiencing a wide range of challenges. My experience includes working in a variety of mental health settings, including nonprofit organizations and community-based care, focusing on trauma work, somatic practices, emotional regulation, anxiety, etc.   It is my intention that our work together be rooted in safety, non-judgement, and connection. I am here to bear witness to your way of being and hold space for you to show up as your authentic self. I believe my impact lies in my ability to hold not only my own identities and experiences, but my communities, cultures, and ancestors.

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Jamie Posthuma - Washington / PY60885215


Sex Therapy

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    Cisgender, Female
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