Alejandra Jimenez is a proud bilingual Licensed Latina Immigrant Therapist with over nine years of experience treating diverse populations (children, families, adults) in a variety of mental health settings (group homes, rural areas, educational settings, in home behavioral services etc) in California. She is currently providing mental health therapy at Therapy con Ale. She believes in creating a therapeutic safe space that is culturally affirming. A space where you can be authentically YOU without fear of judgement. A space where you can be vulnerable and cry if you need to or perhaps learn that it is okay to cry, to feel and express yourself.

You deserves to slow down, prioritize yourself and heal. In therapy you can be you, rebuild and grow. This is your time! You are taking the first step by seeking therapy. Therapy will be done in your preferred language; Spanish, English or both and in person or virtually.

As a proud immigrant, first generation to attend college, to become a resident then citizen and licensed therapist she is extremely passionate about normalizing mental health in the Latinx community and educating on how childhood trauma and attachment affects us as adults.

Alejandra Jimenez Velasco, LMFT 559-681-5710


Providing both in person and virtual therapy services.

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    Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist
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    Formerly Undocumented Therapist
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    Hablo Español
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    Adolescents / Teenagers (14 to 19), Adults
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