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Luis is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist and Certified Sex Therapist dedicated to supporting the LGBTQ+ and BIPOC communities. He is the founder of PsychoSocial Media, a mental health platform offering insightful articles and resources, and the co-owner of PsychoSocial Therapy, a practice focused on LGBTQ+ and BIPOC mental health. As a speaker and consultant, Luis has vast experience discussing mental health topics, specifically related to Queer and BIPOC communities. He has spoken at X (formerly Twitter), Two Chairs, and Fandom, and has provided consultation for mental health nonprofits and fashion houses on brand expansion.

Creatively, Luis identifies as an Indigiqueer model, collaborating with local and international designers from Mexico, advocating for fashion, visibility, and self-expression. He recently launched Queer Magic Entertainment LLC, expanding his influence in the entertainment industry through initiatives like his podcast, "Queer Magic," and other projects. Luis is also an entrepreneur, recently launching his Queer Magic Candle to inspire self-expression. His creative pursuits are showcased on his Instagram @luis_thee_lmft, highlighting his passions for fashion, mental health, modeling, and self-expression.

Luis believes strongly in the power of media to shape our understanding of mental health and uses his platform to raise awareness about crucial issues. His insights have been featured on Telemundo, discussing topics such as anxiety, depression, and LGBTQ+ rights for a Spanish-speaking audience.

  • Role
    Mental Health Professional
  • Pronouns
    He/Him/His, They/Them/Theirs
  • Languages
    English, Hablo Español
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  • Sexual Orientation
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    Workshop, Panel, Keynote
Top 6 Most Requested Speaking Topics

I have spoken on various topics, including, but not limited to:

The Power of Self-Expression:

"Dive into the dynamic world of 'The Power of Self-Expression,' where we unravel the myriad ways individuals can convey their identity and emotions. This topic isn't just about speaking; it's about making a statement—whether through words, fashion, or art. We'll explore how effective and authentic self-expression not only enhances personal interactions but also fosters profound personal and professional growth. Join me as we uncover tools and techniques to confidently express your true self, transforming how you connect with the world around you."

Queer Mental Health:

"Explore the crucial subject of 'Queer Mental Health,' a speaking topic dedicated to understanding and addressing the unique mental health challenges faced by the LGBTQ+ community. This discussion delves into the intersectionality of identity and mental well-being, highlighting the specific stressors that can affect queer individuals. By shedding light on both the struggles and resilience within the community, we aim to foster a more supportive and informed environment. Attendees will gain insights into effective mental health strategies, advocacy, and how to cultivate safe spaces that promote healing and inclusivity."

Queer Joy:

"Celebrate the vibrant essence of 'Queer Joy,' a topic that highlights the exuberant and often underrepresented happiness within the LGBTQ+ community. This discussion focuses on the powerful ways joy manifests through queer experiences, resilience, and community solidarity. We'll explore how embracing identity and fostering positive environments contribute to thriving mental and emotional health. Join us as we uncover stories of triumph, the importance of supportive networks, and the celebration of queer identities in all their diversity."

Latinx Mental Health:

"Delve into the complex and culturally rich world of 'Latinx Mental Health,' a topic dedicated to understanding the unique mental health challenges and strengths within the Latinx community. This discussion explores the influence of cultural values, family dynamics, and social determinants on mental well-being. We'll examine barriers to accessing mental health care and strategies to overcome them, highlighting community-driven solutions and resilience. Attendees will gain valuable insights into culturally competent care practices and ways to support mental health advocacy in the Latinx community."

Sex Therapy Through a Social Justice Lens:

"Engage with the transformative topic of 'Sex Therapy through a Social Justice Lens,' where we explore the intersections of sexuality, therapy, and equity. This discussion addresses how social justice principles can inform and enhance sex therapy practices, ensuring inclusivity and sensitivity to diverse experiences. We will delve into topics such as gender diversity, sexual orientation, cultural competence, and systemic barriers in healthcare. Attendees will learn about holistic approaches that advocate for the sexual well-being of all individuals, emphasizing empowerment, respect, and equitable access to resources."

Motivation & Self-Empowerment:

"Step into the empowering realm of 'Motivation & Self-Empowerment,' a topic designed to ignite your inner drive and enhance your personal agency. This discussion focuses on uncovering the psychological foundations of motivation and the strategies to harness it for personal growth. We'll explore self-empowerment techniques that encourage individuals to take control of their life paths, set achievable goals, and overcome obstacles with resilience. Attendees will leave equipped with practical tools and an inspired mindset to transform their aspirations into action."






Trainings/Workshops Offered

The Power of Self-Expression Workshop

"Unleash your creative spirit in 'The Power of Self-Expression,' a workshop where fashion meets identity. This interactive session invites participants to explore and redefine their personal style through a curated selection of clothing, accessories, and makeup. Engage in meaningful discussions about how fashion can empower and reflect one's identity and the significance of being seen and recognized for who you are. The workshop culminates in a celebratory catwalk, where everyone gets the chance to showcase their style and support each other in a display of confidence and community."


Past Talks

You can find a list on my website:

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    California State University, Long Beach
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    San Francisco State University
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