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Jessica Brito is a Latinx therapist who specializes in transitional stages that lead to identity exploration in the Latinx community in Orange County. Jessica is the founder of Take Control Therapeutic Services a private practice dedicated to assist in educating, advocating, and providing individual/group therapy for mental health in the Latinx community. Jessica began her career as a mentor and advocate for individuals in the disabled community having a physical disability herself. Her work in the disabled community has had an emphasis in the Spinal Cord Injuries population. Jessica has also cofounded Read Amigas a social network community that empowers women to attend to their self-care through literature. Jessica has co-created a Read Amigas Podcast where books and self-care are discussed to assisting women in their self-love.
Jessica was raised in Santa Ana a highly Latinx dominated city in Orange County. Being the daughter of a single mother, she witnessed the disparities in her community and was driven to make a change. After becoming a teen mom and later being injured in a car accident her future was set to help her community. Resiliency was the driver to her success, and she knew that if she had found her resilience, it was her mission to help others find theirs. She has created support groups, wellness groups, and educational work to empower her community.

  • Role
    Mental Health Professional, Mental Health Advocate
  • Pronouns
  • Languages
    English, Hablo Español
  • Speaking Engagements
    Workshop, Keynote, Support Group
Top 6 Most Requested Speaking Topics

Disabilities and mental health: Disabled individual's are a minority that face obstacles that impact there mental health. During my graduate work, the experience of those disabled due to an acquired illness/injury became a core component of my research. After acquiring a disability at the age of 21, I was driven to understand the unique experience of this population with an emphasis on the Latinx community. I have been a speaker in hospitals, rehab centers, non-profits and a guest in multiple support groups in which I provide education on the mental health impacts of physical health issues.   Stress: Working with all populations we cannot avoid the topic of stress. This topic has been requested in colleges, non-profits working with DACA, and in primary care settings. This topic when presented includes education and strategies to manage low to severe stress related issues.   Trauma: Resilience is the outcome of trauma which is one of the main reasons I became a therapist. Through my education I was further able to understand the impact that trauma causes and the resilience that can emerge with empathetic support. As survivors we triumph and that is a message I communicate when educating and supporting those with past trauma little or complex.

Trainings/Workshops Offered

Wellness: Preventative care is an essential part of our ability to triumph in stressful events. When conducting wellness workshops I educate on whole person wellness. In learning to balance and care for body, mind and soul we are whole. I have conducted this workshops as a one time workshop and as a multiple week group.

  • Institution
    University of Southern California
  • Degree
    Master in Social Work
  • Institution
    California State University, Fullerton
  • Degree
    Bachelor in Psychology
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