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Adriana Alejandre is a Psychotherapist, Consultant and nationally recognized Speaker for mental health advocacy from Sun Valley, CA. She has a Masters in Clinical Psychology from Pepperdine University. Adriana owns her own bilingual group practice, EMDR and Trauma Therapy focusing on wellness for Black, Brown and Indigenous people.

Adriana is the founder of Latinx Therapy, a national directory of Latinx Therapists and global, bilingual podcast that provides education to combat the stigma of mental health on the ground, and in the digital spaces. In 2019, she won Hispanizice’s TECLA award for Best Social Good Content award, and in 2020 she was one of 5 Latinx influencers chosen for the #YoSoy Instagram/Hispanic Heritage Foundation award, & the 2022 Jim Preis Memorial Award from the Mental Health Advocacy Series.

In 2021, she launched her a community non-profit with a program called Therapy Dinero to create access to therapy services.

Adriana was born and raised in a lower socioeconomic area of the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles. She was raised by a strict Guatemalan mother and a Mexican father who both had many side-hustles since they immigrated from their countries. Adriana looked up to them and grew up knowing that she, too, wanted to be an entrepreneur. Adriana’s mission in the spaces she has established is to create spaces in the real world, and virtual world to spark dialogue about mental health struggled and strengths in the Latinx community. Adriana currently lives in the San Fernando Valley with her husband, 13-year old son, 15-year old step-son and their two dogs.

She is available for speaking engagements, workshops, consultations and influencer collaborations. She recently worked with Breyers ice cream and created a digital toolkit on boundaries and taboo topics for multigenerational Latinx households.

  • Role
    Mental Health Professional
  • Pronouns
  • Languages
    Hablo Español
  • Gender
  • Speaking Engagements
    Workshop, Panel, Keynote, Moderator, Support Group, Other
Speaking Brochure
Top 6 Most Requested Speaking Topics
  1. Destigmatizing Mental Health Within Latinx Communities
  2. Burnout & Imposter Syndrome
  3. Managing Anxiety Among College Students
  4. Professional Development & Vicarious Trauma: A Talk for the Helping Professionals
  5. Adult Children of Immigrants & First Gen Mental Health: Generational Topics & Taboos
  6. Recognizing Trauma & Healing
Trainings/Workshops Offered
  1. Communicating Skills Workshop: Learning Compassionate Assertive Language
  2. Entrepreneurship for Youth
  3. How to Launch Your Own Private Practice
  4. Perinatal Mental Health & Trauma in the Latinx Community
Past Talks


  • Steve Fund (Keynote)
  • JMC Philanthropic Advisors (Keynote)
  • Western University (Keynote)
  • Hyatt (Affinity Group)
  • Rare Beauty (Panel)
  • Maria Delgado Law Firm
  • Kimberly Clark (Affinity Group)
  • Butte-Glen College (Keynote)
  • MHTTC Checking In Podcast
  • QVC (Affinity Group)
  • Mondolez (Affinity Group)
  • Adobe Co-Create (Grant Recipient)
  • Year Up
  • Poderistas (Panel)
  • Breyers (Created Digital Toolkit)
  • Hispanic Heritage Foundation
  • Coinbase (Affinity Group)
  • Migrant Education Program (Conference)
  • AdCouncil (Agent: Egami)
  • KLBRI (Support Group Management)
  • Latino Homeschooling


  • University of Idaho (Keynote)
  • Partnership Maternal & Child Health of Northern New Jersey (Keynote)
  • Refinery29 (Social media contribution)
  • UnidosUS (Latino Civil Rights Org Campaign)
  • Facebook
  • SoCal Grantmakers
  • Santa Barbara Community College (Keynote)
  • Ally Banking (Affinity Group)
  • USA TODAY (Agent: Gannet)
  • International Rescue Committee
  • Nielsen (Affinity Group)
  • SoFi (Podcast)
  • Farmers Insurance (Affinity Group)
  • Adobe (Affinity Group)
  • California Latinx Capitol Association Foundation
  • Justice for Migrant Women, NMSHA (Co-Created Curriculum for Spanish Farmworker Support Groups)
  • Scaling Up (Be Bold Summit Speaker)
  • HBO Max- Interview for In Treatment series
  • National Migrant and Seasonal Headstart Association (Mental Health Training Program), 2021
  • Creative Arts Agency (Community Support)
  • LA Commons, (Speaker)
  • Taqueria (Speaker)
  • 2021 Peace Studio Summit (Panel)
  • Millle-HBO Max Interview for Perfect Life promo
  • UnidosUS (Affinity Group)


  • Paypal (Affinity Group)
  • Buzzfeed
  • TCC
  • The Institute for Culturally Responsive Pedagogy (Keynote), 2020
  • Harvard University -School of Business
  • University of Oklahoma, Tulsa, (Keynote)
  • En La Sala Podcast Guest with Becky G


  • Texas A&M University
  • Oregon Latino Health Coalition
  • Snapchat
  • Adelante Latina
  • Institution
    UCSB & Pepperdine University
  • Degree
    MA in Clinical Psychology
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