Why Latinx Therapy Needed to Exist

Why Latinx Therapy Needed to Exist

Growing up, I had no voice, well, at least that is what it felt like. My family is a very humble, traditional family from immigrants who came to the United States to provide their family that ?American Dream?. For my parents, that was a house and education, ultimately, a better future. Mental health was not a priority because the financial stress, entrepreneurship and raising the children was what was on the surface for them. That was okay, admirable and what shaped me to be the person I am. One thing is, I don?t know what it would have been like to have people suggest or push mental health services to my parents in the 90?s. I wonder, would they have rejected it? Would they be open to it? If so, would they step foot into therapy?

My parents say they would have been open to it, but who truly knows in those moments. I?m at a point in my life where all I can see is mental health. It?s all around me, and it?s on a spectrum. Some people and communities are more healed than others. All I want is to heal my community and myself. Know that mental health does not discriminate against age, gender, sex, socioeconomic status, wealth. Mental health is the exact same thing as our health, but even more complicated because it includes the mind and soul, which invisible concepts, for our people.

The point to this is that we are now in a generation where mental health is spoken about and there are more bilingual services, thankfully. Of course, we can always do better, but let?s give credit to where we are at now and let?s do something about it. We need to change our language in order to shape better awareness skills in our younger generation, and remove that avoidance to mental health services. If you have once feared that you won?t be understood in therapy because there are not Latinx Therapists, this website is one of your homes now. Whether you are a professional or not.

The reason why Latinx Therapy was birthed was for all these reasons. I want to extend the knowledge I have received from my undergraduate and graduate school training and apply it to the real-world so more people gain awareness and can relate to me. Many graduate programs train you not to share personal information, but I find that this is what?s necessary to my people as long as what I am sharing is not 1-something that triggers me, and 2- something that may trigger my client. ?There has also been much awareness within my personal life that I feel is necessary to share with others in hopes that my learned lessons can help others find their very own way. My belief is that with more awareness, comes positive changes. Latinx Therapy is the vessel to drive change by providing education and community from a mental health professional directly. Everything on this site is intentional, from Favianna Rodriguez?s inspiring art to the partnerships and content on each page.

The beautiful thing is that it is not just about me on this platform. I aim to give voice and opportunities to other Latinx voices, both professionally and personally. There is no use in one person harboring information or opportunities that can benefit someone else. If we all unite together, to provide opportunities for members of our communities, we would all grow, heal and succeed together. Isn?t that what we want for our people anyway? I welcome you to Latinx Therapy and encourage you to share this page with others, and always, take 3 slow, deep breaths a day.

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