Are you a first gen individual who feels stuck due to feelings paralyzed by feelings of anxiety, depression and fear in your body. You've been able to manage life as a first generation college student, professional or entrepreneur by avoiding your emotions, but lately it just feels like too much. You are ready to seek support and finally feel some relief from past trauma and live a life where you feel present, and motivation to continue pursuing your life goals for you and your family. 

I am trained in brainspotting, a gentle and effective psychotherapeutic intervention that accesses the midbrain where unprocessed trauma is stored. Where you look, affects how you feel, therefore, we will access your midbrain through your eye gaze. Brainspotting works well for those who feel stuck even after year of talk therapy. 

Most clients notice relief after 2-4 sessions. Clients feel relief knowing they do not have to talk at all during this process unless they want to. Clients also feel relief knowing brainspotting does not require you to relive the traumatic experience or tell the traumatic story over and over. Brainspotting invites you to feel, something you might have been avoiding, but feel ready to do in order to heal. Clients have expressed feeling more present, engaged, socially interactive, hopeful and an increase in compassion for themselves and others after brainspotting. Client also report feeling an increase in clarity and awareness and a sense of safety in their own bodies. 

HEALING BEGINS WIT YOU. I’d love to hear yours and help you find hope, meaning and purpose in your life through our work together. Therapy services are provided in office in Arlington, TX or online to Texas residents.  I look forward to meeting you! Contact me & visit my website ! (817)523-1038 [email protected]  

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Learn more about brainspotting on:Brainspotting Website

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