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I am a trauma-focused therapist who focuses on helping Black, Indigenous, Women/ Femmes of Color heal traumas and overcome self-doubt using trauma-informed tools and approaches with an anti-oppressive lens. 

You have the answers within for your healing and life. My role is to help you uncover these answers through creating new experiences to tap into those answers during our sessions. I do this through holding deeply empathic and emotionally connected space. I will support you in reconnecting and honoring your needs and messages from your body so it is easier to find relief and clarity.  I do this through introducing new tools and providing support for you to reconnect with your ancestral/ collective strengths. 

Self-compassion is the foundation for all my work. What you resist persists so learning how to accept your "flaws" and complexities as a human being (which we all have!), can free yourself from their hold and pressure in your life. 

I also bring the critique of oppressive societal systems (i.e. white supremacy, patriarchy, capitalism, etc.) that have created a lot of the conditions which have set the stage for traumas and other life stressors to occur in your life. Traumas you have experienced are not at all your fault and it's important to release the intense responsibility you may feel for what has happened or is happening to you that is causing your suffering.

I use EMDR (Eye-Movement De-sensitizing & Reprocessing), Brainspotting, and other somatic (body-based) approaches to help process traumas and stressors in a deeper way to reduce their effect in your day-to-day life. 

I also encourage and dream with you about what authentic, safe, and joyous relationships and community can look like. I can support you in assessing your attachment style and moving it closer to securely attached in order to create a support system for you and our community aligned with your values.         

I am a first-gen immigrant, eldest daughter from Michoacan, Mexico (Purepecha lineage) who has done her own trauma work and healing. I will never ask you to do something I haven't tried or done for myself. I grew up surrounded by a huge Mexican family in occupied Miwok territory (i.e. East Bay Region of the San Francisco Bay Area). 

I am a lover of dancing and food, horror movie fanatic, a wife & mother of a 2-year-old, past Community Organizer & Community Coordinator for 5+ years. 

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    Adults, Young Adults (18-25)
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$170 (all sliding scale options are currently taken)

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