** Currently accepting NEW clients (Aetna, CIGNA, Anthem Blue, United Healthcare only).**  If you've experienced trauma, anxiety, heartbreak/betrayal, loneliness, fear of abandonment in your romantic relationships, you’re not alone!  Childhood Trauma or any trauma may affect the way you show up in your relationships, has you disconnected from yourself and your intuition. I work with women who have experienced trauma, are in codependent relationships, have an anxious attachment style, don't feel good enough, worries that there partner may leave them, are the fixers/over-givers, caretakers in their romantic relationships, tend to over-give, lose themselves in their relationships, healing from heartbreak, fear of abandonment/rejection, not wanting to be alone so they may stay in relationships longer than they should, people pleasing, wanting to fix/rescue their partners, and feel insecure in love.  As a first gen Latina, codependency, self-sacrifice, and losing myself was something I experienced for many years, before finally deciding to choose myself first. I know you've probably felt this way too. Using Somatic Therapy I help & teach women how to navigate fears they may have around their relationships, how to increase their emotional well-being,  regulate their nervous systems in order to feel more safe and secure within (which leads to confidence), heal their trauma & emotional wounds, deepen their connection with themselves & their intuition, transform anxious attachment to a more secure attachment, and shift co-dependency into confidence. I use elements of somatic therapy, psychodynamic therapy, coaching, and teaching in my sessions with the women I work with, so that they have a deeper understanding of what’s happening internally for them and feel empowered in their healing.  Codependency & anxiety has you losing yourself in your relationships- healing is about connecting & bringing safety back into your body so that you can experience a healthy type of love with yourself and others. **Currently accepting NEW clients (Aetna, CIGNA, Anthem Blue, United Healthcare) .** 

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Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy, Somatic Attachment Certification, Safe and Sound Protocol Provider.

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