Saludos! My name is Nancy Ortiz, I am a Queer Femme Xicanx Bilingual Psychotherapist. I provide cultural centered sex therapy and psychotherapy while centering Trans, Queer, Afro-Indigenous-Latinx, Black, Indigenous, other People of Color, and LGBTQIA2P+ community. I can support you in creating a fulfilling sex life and achieve emotional wellness. Are you seeking to improve your communication of sexual needs/wants, explore gender and sexuality, feel less shame about sexual interests/behaviors, recover from sexual harm or infidelity, have pleasurable sex, and strengthen intimacy with your partner(s)? If you are ready to commit to your wellness and prioritize your pleasure and health, then please contact me to inquire about next steps and schedule your free phone consultation. You can schedule a free 15 minute phone consultation with me using this link https://nancy-ortiz.clientsecure.me.

Sex Therapy I provide sex therapy to individuals, couples, and various polygamous/non-monogamous relational structures to guide you towards sexual wellness and health with an emphasis on communication, pleasure, and intimacy. I support the following areas: LGBTQIA2P+ Sexual Health Sexuality Exploration Gender Exploration Gender Transitioning Care & Support Low Libido Painful sex Out of Control Sexual Behaviors aka "sex addiction" Kink & BDSM Polyamorous & Ethical Non-Monogamous Relationships Recovery from Infidelity Sexual Harm, Abuse, & Trauma Sex & Disability Sex & Illness Sex & Spirituality Sex Work

Traditional Psychotherapy I provide psychotherapy to individuals, couples+, and families experiencing depression, stress, anxiety, and trauma responses as a result of difficult life experiences. I support the following areas: Anxiety Depression Stress Difficult Relationships Current life stressors Communication Issues Childhood & Adulthood Trauma Life Exploration Grief & Bereavement

Equity & Access Statement I recognize the need for cultural centered therapy services and I center QTBIPOC, LGBTQIA2P+, Afro-Indigenous-Latinx, Disabled, immigrant, Spanish Speaking, and first generation communities while remaining open to serving all persons.

Approach to Therapy I approach therapy from an integrative praxis utilizing cognitive-behavioral, humanistic, psychodynamic, and somatic modalities. I utilize a decolonial-feminist and multicultural lens weaving liberation psychology and indigenous ways of knowledge in my therapy work. I aim to co-create a supportive and healing environment with you. I support individual and collective healing from trauma towards recovery by integrating each person's spiritual, artistic, and creative practices as a source of continued restoration and healing. I encourage people to reconnect to their natural healing abilities and cultural practices.

  • License
    Licensed Clinical Social Worker
  • License Number
    LCSW #80318
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  • California
  • LGBTQ+ Identifiers
Cultural Identities
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  • Therapist Languages
    Hablo Español
  • Services For
    Couples, Group, Individuals
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Session Rates

$200-$225/50-60 mins Individual Therapy; $300/60 mins Couples Therapy

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