If you are a black/latinx 1st gen who understands what it means to take care of everyone else and often feels alone/unseen, then the odds are you have experienced being parentified as a young child. You had to grow up fast, whether that was because your family had to work 3+ jobs to make ends meet, it was culturally expected, or you felt a sense of responsibility or guilt you couldn't always put into words.

This is my speciality. As a 1st gen and parentified child turned therapist I have a deep and intimate understanding of this experience and what it takes to not only become aware of your patterns and ingrained family expectations, but guide you as you develop a sense of self that nurtures you without feeling a sense of betrayal toward your loved ones.

The 1st gen experience is very unique. It isn't a black and white story people often try to paint, like "they were bad parents". No, what you've experienced is  a result of intergenerational chronic stress, trauma, and systemic harm. I keep this knowing at the center of my work and pull from both modern day therapeutic strategies, body based work, and sacred ancestral knowledge to support you.

Working with me looks like laughs, joy, learning, collaboration, and having a partner to feel the heavy things through with. I take on the role of parent, sister, or friend in order to help you re-experience safety in connection. This is the safety that will allow you to feel better about getting close to the tough stuff we need to meet and release. You’ll start to notice that after time, you will embody this sense of safety and know you’re capable even without me. This is the goal! To be your guide as you come back home to yourself and your inner guide.

Lastly, I identify as a liberation-centered and intergenerational trauma therapist. This means that when working with you I am always holding the reality that our mental and emotional well-being is impacted by historical, socioeconomic, and political contexts. Liberation-centered healing also de-centers western medical and psychological approaches as the only standard for healing, as it creates space for and honors pre-colonial and ancestral modes of healing.

Inviting you to learn more about me and my work at www.rootsandalchemypllc.com if you feel called to.

Monica Gavilanes, LMSW Latina Therapist in New York (530) 691-1421

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