Whether addressing the debilitating impact of anxiety and depression or unraveling complex relationship issues, I am dedicated to assisting my clients in achieving meaningful growth and transformation. I believe that we can meet our challenges with self-compassion and resilience and in this way, return to ourselves and what we value. My background integrates experience from 10+ years in integrated mental healthcare, teaching and research, and specialized training in multicultural psychology. I integrate a variety of evidence-based approaches to provide you with techniques that have support within our larger psychological and medical community. My approaches is culturally attuned and trauma-informed. Finally, given my experience in integrative mental healthcare I think it's imperative to discuss our mind and body connection regularly. If you feel that my approach is a good match for your concern, please schedule a free, 15-minute consultation with me. Latina Therapist Marlen Kanagui-Muñoz, PhD at  Sincera Mente Therapy in Berkeley, CA (510)200-8344

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    Cisgender, Female
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    Formerly Undocumented Therapist, 1.5 Generation Therapist
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    Hablo Español
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    Couples, Individuals
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