"No llores mija, sé fuerte”. I had just fallen off my bike and scraped my knee, it was bloody and aching in pain. Don’t cry, don’t cry. I slowly stand up and hold my breath as the pain intensifies. Don’t cry. “See, estas bien, it’s not even that bad.” Papi tells me in the broken spanglish he’s picked up since moving to the United States many years ago. My chest burns as I try to stop the tears from flowing down my face, my throat feels tight. But with it comes an overwhelming sense of pride, because I was showing Papi how strong I was. Crying meant weakness, and I was not weak. I slowly pick up my bike. We walk home in silence, as my knee continues to bleed.


If this story resonates with you, as it does for many children of immigrant parents, consider joining me in working towards self-healing. My approach centers around cultivating a changing mindset and encouraging clients to seek the power they hold within themselves. I am a first-gen Salvadoran, my background and experience allows me to connect with clients on a deeper level to create an inclusive space where diverse backgrounds are celebrated and embraced. I look forward to embarking on a journey with you towards emotional resilience, healing and change.

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