I go by Leti and use she/her pronouns, and am a Hispanic woman enjoying life in Seattle with my dog, Benji! I am skilled at supporting young adults through their anxiety and trauma. I am a LGBTQ+ ally, and value open-mindedness and mindfulness.

I have a strong understanding of power dynamics in the therapy room, and know that they can be empowering, or dismissive. I am able to create an environment that feels safe and non-judgmental. You are the expert in your life and I see my role as someone that comes beside as support. We will explore not only the things you would like to work on, as well as the things that bring you joy and make up your unique identity!

Through my work with Peaceful Soul Healing, I’ve trained about the effects and treatment of trauma and have developed a toolkit to tackle the anxiety and worry so many people live with. I have utilized motivational interviewing techniques and practice from a strengths-based perspective, centering you as the skilled expert in your own life. I also incorporate mindfulness into my treatment.

I am currently volunteering with the nonprofit Deconstructing The Mental Health System (https://dmhsus.org/), a collective of 100% BIPOC therapists working towards creating an anti-racist, culturally relevant, and equitable system. I value this work as I’ve watched my own family be failed by systems that aren’t meant to be welcoming to BIPOC individuals and fail to provide care that is appropriate for their cultural background. I am currently a Masters of Social Work Candidate (exp 2025) through Eastern Washington University. I have a Bachelor’s in Sociology and a minor in Diversity from the University of Washington.

When I’m not pursuing my career-related passions, I find fulfillment in watching my dog sniff every blade of grass at a park, exploring all the different foods in the city, and traveling to new places with my close-knit family! Another important part of my identity is growing up in a community environment that lacked diversity and representation, and going on a journey as an adult to reclaim and take pride in my Mexican culture after years of feeling like it had to be earned in some way, or that I didn’t have a right to it. If this is something you struggle with, I hope you feel you can use our shared space to explore those experiences further with me as well.

I have always been drawn to a career that allows me to connect with people, and am passionate about listening to the experiences, thoughts, and feelings of others. I look forward to supporting if you choose to work with me.

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    MSW Candidate, Pre licensed
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Sima Kulshreshtha, MSW, LICSW

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    Child of Immigrants
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    Adolescents / Teenagers (14 to 19), Adults, Young Adults (18-25)
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