Hola, I am LCSW Joanna, an alternative, Peruvian psychotherapist that grew up in the city of Cudahy. I am the founder of CONDOR CENTER.  *PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS A GROUP PRIVATE PRACTIVE made up of other BIPOC clinicians who share similar backgrounds, therapeutic approach and level of energy when providing services. The process of recalling unpleasant events and resolving them through therapy can bring on feelings of frustration, anger and possible depression or anxiety. However, participating in therapy can result in benefits to you by allowing you to better understand yourself, your relationships, your goals, values and sense of self. We look forward to supporting you through your personal therapy journey. We are thrilled you have chosen to work on yourself, you matter, you are worth it and this is one step to becoming the best version of yourself. My team and I are ready to support you. Lets work on your journey towards growth, healing and transformation. Please note you will be assigned to a clinician based on availability. We offer services in English, Spanish and Korean. To read all of our bios please visit: www.condorcenter.com
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In therapy my holistic and alternative approach is sex positive and  psychedelic integration therapy is done when needed. I work with the LGBTQ+ population, the military and veteran community. I promote the importance of radical self-care and how this is what leads to emotional, mental, sexual and physical health. My specialty is working with survivors of trauma. I help individuals navigate ancestral healing, generational and inter-generational trauma as well as other conditions that affect our mood, thoughts and behavior. I advocate, motivate and educate on innovative healing to achieve a wholesome life. I bring years of experience, good energy and unique interventions with a charismatic personality. I tailor treatment to each individual and offer a safe environment where I listen without judging you, motivate and engage you.​

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