I am part of the team at The Aguirre Center for Inclusive Psychotherapy which is dedicated to providing culturally-responsive and culturally-affirming psychotherapy and psychological assessments. I engage my work grounded in my identities as an AfroLatina cisgender woman. From this position, I focus on centering the voices of those often forced to society's margins (e.g., BIPOCs, LGBTQIA+, trans, gender-expansive people, immigrants/undocumented folx).

Our human experience can be challenging, and we sometimes ponder about ourselves, our purpose, our relationships and societal hardships that we encounter. Other times, we can find ourselves spending time living in the past, while also worrying about the future. Whether these thoughts are due to anxiety, depression, or past trauma, I want to support you in learning how to implement your strengths, live more mindfully, and leverage your power to live with intention.

My role as a therapist is to be a witness & collaborator co-conspiring in your journey in healing & liberation. My approach is relational, rooted in healing justice, & is trauma-oppression informed. Through a collaborative therapeutic process, we work together to explore your emotional landscape, experiences, family & community dynamics, social & economic systems that impact you, & identify practices that support your embodied adaptation and healing. Together, we hold space for intentional change that grows our capacity to embody a liberated world, creating pathways to wholeness and connection.

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    Pre-Licensed Professional
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Sophia Aguirre - #PSY004298

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    Child of Immigrants
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    Hablo Español
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    Adults, Young Adults (18-25)
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