I am a Bilingual Mental health therapist with more than 10 years of experience providing services in English and Spanish. Currently providing affordable, engaging, multi-cultural services in California.  Services are tailored to a busy lifestyle through the flexibility of both online and in-person sessions available at your discretion. Specializing in children, teens, families, and adults who are struggling with depression, substance use, anxiety, ADHD, suicidal thoughts, self-harm behaviors, trauma, abuse and neglect, relational problems, anger, autism, and severe mental health. Our sessions are geared towards you applying the skills and techniques necessary to address your concerns, fears, or other symptoms appropriately. This includes how to affectively deal with anxiety and stress and to challenge behaviors such as anger or insecurity that interfere with your relationships and life goals. All experiences in life shape who we are and give us a unique identity. The meaning of life is unique for each person and together we will discover your personal strengths and resources to overcome your current and long-term struggles in life. The goal is for you to experience positive and lasting results. Working with Immigrants Immigrants may face significant psychological challenges as a result of racism, acculturation, and trauma. As a bicultural and bilingual psychotherapist, I understand the acculturating process and its challenges. As an immigrant myself balancing two cultures was not an easy endeavor. Learning communication styles, the term boundaries, and to be independent can be quite overwhelming. Managing family demands of traditional expectations and fulfilling personal needs without being perceived as selfish or ungrateful, is difficult. I have worked and helped many immigrants find a healthy balance to meet their family expectations, become a better version of themselves and not feel alone in the process.

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