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I am Cristina Benitez Allen LMFT, the creator and steward of Imaginal Therapy, a private practice that offers psychotherapy and sacred arts coaching both virtually and in-person located on the lands of the Nisenan, Sacramento, CA. As a queer Latinx/Chicana mother, writer, and somatic psychotherapist with over twelve years of clinical experience in the field of Depth Psychology, I support my clients with a holistic approach to connect the wisdom of the body and soul through imagination, intuition, mindfulness and dreamwork. My treatment focus is on relationship, cultural wounds, trauma resolution, ancestral lineage repair, animist parenting and reconnecting to the sacred.

I am a ritualist, trained as a priestess and offer sacred arts coaching. I am rooted in animist cosmology and earth-honoring values, as I actively participate in the decolonizing movement, reclaiming my ancestral healing traditions. Hailing from the villages of Juchipila, Zacatecas, Mexico, I have a deep love for land and nature spirits, mythology, mysticism, tradiciones y cultura.

I am honored to bring medicine keeping into my practice. Rooted in reverence, I am now holding space for Ketamine journeys, available either out of the comfort of your own home or my home study / sanctuary in the suburbs of Sacramento. As psychedelics, with a deep and ancient root in indigenous healing practices as plant medicines, are brought forward to modern context for mental health systems through synthetics, my intention is to bring integrity to this space. I see my role to bridge ancient technology honoring an animist cosmovision and wisdom with the ethics needed to address the problems and struggles of today. Ketamine is a dissociative and an anesthetic that supports neuroplasticity, giving people a fighting chance to reboot their nervous system. Ketamine has cumulative impact when well held and supports growth hormones that we otherwise would not activate with the capacity for making generative and lasting shifts to depressive, anxious and compulsive ruts.

My aim is to be of service to our collective healing by awakening our hearts with courage, kindness and gratitude with the utmost acknowledgment for the real harms and troubles we face. Your struggle is my struggle. None of us are liberated until we all are liberated. My prayer is for the protection of this Earth, our Mother, and all creation. May we all remember the true interdependence at play and relate responsibly for the health of the world soul. Here I share inspirations, thoughts, insights, images, practices, etc in service to the sacredness of life, death, and regeneration.  May it be so.

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Hakomi Institute of California 2013-2019 | Professional Trainings 13 MOON Priestess Presence Sacred Arts Training 2016-2023 | Institute of Chicanx Psychology 2023- Present

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Detribalized Chichimeca Caxcan

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Individual $160- $200 | Interpersonal $225 - $245 | Ketamine Journey $400- $450

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