I am a Cuban American Licensed Mental Health Counselor with a Master's degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. In addition, I hold a BA in Psychology. I view counseling as  a journey of facilitated self-exploration to increase the level of self-awareness and understanding that helps the individual better navigate the challenges they are facing. I work from a client centered perspective, adapting to each individual's needs. I believe every person is different, and therefore, my modalities should adapt to the needs of the individual. I act as a facilitator for the individual to discover their own strengths, modes of coping, spiritual belief systems, and creativity. Ultimately, it is my job to help individuals identify, develop, and mobilize their resources to successfully find ways to meet their own needs. I strive to create a safe and compassionate environment for my clients. I believe that if we gain insight into our behaviors and change the way that we talk to ourselves, we can change our lives. I believe everyone has unique strengths that when realized, can create healing and lasting change. Life is hard and our experiences over time often create burdens that don't always serve us. Through guidance, we all have the capacity to let go of these challenges and feel good about ourselves.

  • License
    Licensed Mental Health Counselor
  • License Number
    MH 21659
  • State Issued
  • Therapist Pronouns
  • Therapist Gender
    Cisgender, Female
  • Migration Background
    Child of Immigrants
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    Hablo Español
  • Client Age
    Adults, Young Adults (18-25), Elders (65+)
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