My name is Brianda and I want to help you bring a new version of yourself to life. Are you having a difficult time meeting the demands of every day life? Do things feel overwhelming in a way that they've never felt before? Are you starting to feel burnt out and in desperate need of a break? If it's crossed your mind that the way things are going now just doesn't seem/feel sustainable, please let me provide you with the help and support that you deserve. Together we can find ways to replenish you and find the balance that you need in your life in order to thrive. I can guide you through your intuitive healing journey and help you build and improve on the skills you already possess and even add more along the way! Hi! My name is Brianda Diaz de Leon, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the state of Texas. I am one of the founders of I AM Therapy.  I am a neurodivergent Mexicana and part of the LGBTQA+ community. As an immigrant woman and first gen college grad, I understand the complexities of navigating spaces that were not created for us or with us in mind and the toll this can take on our mental health. As a therapist, my goal is to create a safe space to facilitate your healing and self discovery. Therefore, my style of therapy is person centered, trauma informed and strength’s based. Let's build awareness around what's impacting you and how. I want to collaborate with you on finding a balance in life that allows you to heal and experience hope and joy. 214-267-9179     ¿Experiencias dificultades para satisfacer las demandas de la vida cotidiana? Quizas sientas que las cosas se empiezan a sentier mas abrumadoras que antes. ¿Te sientes agotada/o o en desesperante necesidad de un buen descanso? Si has llegado a penzar que la forma en que van las cosas ahora no parece y no se siente sostenible, permíteme brindarte la ayuda y el apoyo que mereces. Juntos podemos encontrar formas de reponerte y encontrar el equilibrio que necesitas en tu vida para prosperar. ¡Puedo guiarte en tu propia jornada intuitiva de curación y ayudarte a desarrollar y mejorar las habilidades de afrontamineto que ya posees! Como terapeuta, mi objetivo es crear un espacio seguro para facilitar tu sanación y autodescubrimiento. Por lo tanto, mi estilo de terapia está centrado en la persona, informado sobre el trauma y basado en la fortaleza. Generemos conciencia sobre lo que te está afectando y cómo. Colaboremos en encontrar un equilibrio que te permita sanar y disfrutar tu vida. Brianda Diaz de Leon, LCSW 214-267-9179

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