I specialize in Latinx and LGBT populations. Therapy can be a scary thought, but it is a space for you to find yourself again and experience life. As a therapist, I am aware of the stigma of seeking mental health support, and I know taking the first step to come to therapy can be difficult. I strive to create a warm, inclusive, welcoming environment to allow clients to express themselves openly and honestly without judgment. We walk through the world holding many different experiences that make us unique: race, gender, sexual orientation, and more. I help my clients allow themselves permission to feel their feelings and walk forward. It is easy to get stuck in the stressors of growing up bilingual and/or bicultural. I believe therapy deserves a person-centered approach because we are all different individuals. Sometimes, we feel lonely. We wish that negative emotions are yesterday’s pain and that today we can feel healed and whole. If you are feeling hurt or angry, or if the constant presence of those emotions is exhausting you, you are not alone. I am with you. We have to look for solutions within each other and that takes time, but it is time we spend together.

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    Licensed Independent Social Worker
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    Cisgender, Male
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    Gay, Queer
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    1.5 Generation Therapist, Child of Immigrants
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    Hablo Español
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    Adults, Young Adults (18-25)
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