Are you having problems with any of these issues:

Trouble with commitment or wanting to be in a relationship

Worry over making the same mistakes in previous relationships


Issues with in-laws

Abuse in the relationships

Connecting with your partner after having children

Connecting with your partner after disclosing past trauma

These issues can be difficult to bring up and may feel guilt towards them but you are not alone. These issues can be typical in relationships and it’s helpful to speak with someone that can be impartial and does not have a connection with either person in the relationship. Sometimes it helps to hear from a person that is not involved or connected with the relationship. To listen, learn, challenge you, and understand the process you are going through.


Relationships are complex & it may be time to explore how you have been impacted by past unhealthy relationships. You may feel as if you are not enough, a bother or annoyance to your family. Often seeking acceptance from the family even though you know it may not happen. The struggle one has towards being accepted by family members in order to feel as if you are good enough can often feel unbearable or never ending. Survivors of past damaged relations can make one feel as if you have no worth or value & leave you struggling to identify this worth & seeking approval from others. You are not alone in these thoughts & feelings.


My specialties include working with young adults and adolescents; trauma (emotional, physical, sexual, neglect), PTSD, C-PTSD, narcissistic relationships, domestic violence/teen dating violence. I work closely with individuals who have experienced a past trauma related to emotional abuse and relationships. It is essential for my client to know they can build a therapeutic relationship in an environment that is judgment free, empathetic, accepting, and validating their own thoughts & feelings. I meet each of my clients where they are in their life path & focus on their personal growth & healing. You are the expert in your own life, I'm just here in your journey.


Mailing address: 5450 Ralston Street, Suite 109, Ventura, California 93003, United States

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