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Adriana Alejandre

Founder of Latinx Therapy

Adriana Alejandra Alejandre is a Guatemalan-Mexican 30 year old and the founder of internationally recognized, Latinx Therapy, a directory and a bilingual podcast that destigmatizes mental health myths & provides education to combat the stigma through technology and in-person services. The inspiration to create Latinx Therapy in 2018 derived from her experience as a single, teen mom with postpartum depression, and her later frustration in finding relatable, relevant resources for her Latinx clients as a therapist. 

Her podcast has been featured in iTunes’ Top 200, Spotify’s Top 30 Latin shows, Apple Podcasts’, HipLatina and has been heard in over 112 countries. In 2019, she won Hispanizice’s TECLA award for Best Social Good Content award. Hispanicize and Instagram recognized 5 Latinx influencers for their social activism, Adriana as one of them for the #YoSoy award.

Adriana is also a Trauma Psychotherapist and Speaker from Los Angeles, California with a practice in Burbank. She specializes in adults who struggle with PTSD, anxiety, dissociation and who identify as passive communicators. She has done disaster relief work for Hurricane Harvey and Las Vegas shooting survivors. Adriana’s expertise has been featured in Univision, LA Times, USA Today, the New York Times and Buzzfeed.



Podcast Assistant
Yaneth Bravo is originally from Nayarit, Mexico, but she grew up in Sylmar, CA. She is currently attending Los Angeles Pierce College for her ASN, & working on transferring to CSUN for her BSN. She breaks the stigma that comes with mental health by educating herself & her family on ways they can work together to make their household a healthy environment. She sees how important it is for her parents to sit with her siblings & let them know that they can go to them if they need to talk about their feelings, or to reach out for professional help at any moment. Yaneth shares that this has really helped the family’s dynamic and connection between one another. Yaneth’s hobbies include hiking, running, going to the gym, baking, and writing.
Podcast Editor
Susana Romero lives in Colombia and has been assisting with editing podcast episodes for Latinx Therapy on & off since 2019. She is also the bilingual editor of many other podcasts. Susana enjoys spending time outdoors & breaks the stigma by communicating her mental health needs to those she is working with & close to. 

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