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I am a Licensed Marriage and Family therapist who is passionate not only about therapy but advocacy and destigmatizing mental health. I have participated in various speaking engagements throughout my career, including presenting research finding at national psychological conferences, creating, hosting and help moderating the first workshop for Spanish speaking parents of the autism society community in the inland Empire. I have facilitated process groups, and psycho-educaitonal groups and hope to expand my experience and extend my knowledge in speaking engagements.

  • Role
    Mental Health Professional
  • Pronouns
  • Languages
    Hablo Español
  • Gender
  • Speaking Engagements
    Workshop, Panel, Keynote, Moderator, Support Group
Top 6 Most Requested Speaking Topics

Latinx and Mental health 
Latinx women empowerment
Communication skills
Parenting skills
Emotion Regulation
Trauma and Resiliency

Trainings/Workshops Offered

Firm and Kind Parenting

Learning to love our emoitons

10 principles of increasing communication

Past Talks

Created and Proctor the first Autism Society’s Spanish workshop at the IRC in the Inland Empire

Training engagements at "El Sol promotores”- health educators in the community (San Bernardino County) on Autism related topics.

Research related presentations:

CSUSB Research competition
Diaz, Y. (Feb, 2014) Depression among College students. CSUB Research competition

WPA: 2014
Diaz, Y; & Araiza, A; Lewin, R. M. (2014, April). Attachment, emotion regulation and depression.

Diaz, Y; & Araiza, A; Lewin, R. M. (2014, April). Schemas, emotion regulation and  
            depression: A comparison of three models.

Araiza, A; Diaz, Y; & Lewin, R. Michael. (2014, April). Early maladaptive schemas,                  stress and health behaviors.

UCLA 2014:Diaz, Y. (2014) Depression among College Students.

ICQI 2014:
Badiee, M; Diaz, Y; Amador & O; Robinson D. (2014, May) Empowerment of Latina/Hispanic women.

Diaz, Y. (April, 2014) Depression among College students.

ABCT 2014:
Diaz, Y; Araiza, A; & Lewin, R. M. (2014, November). Early Maladaptive Schemas and Depression: The Mediational Role of Emotion Regulation

Diaz, Y; & Araiza, A; Robinson Diana; & Lewin, R. M. (2014, November). Insecure
            Attachment and Depression: The Mediating Role of Emotion Regulation.

Araiza, A; Diaz, Y; & Lewin, R. Michael. (2014, November). The Relationship
            Between Early Maladaptive Schemas, Stress, Emotion Regulation, and
            Alcohol Use in College Students

Araiza, A;Robinson, D; Diaz, Y; Hassija, C. & Lewin, R. Michael. (2014, November).
            Dysfunctional Parenting and Relationship Violence: The Role of Early
            Maladaptive Schemas.

  • Institution
    CSUSB & Azusa Pacific University
  • Degree
    MA in Clinical Psychology
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