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Los Angeles, California or Detroit, Michigan

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Born and raised in East LA, this speaker/therapist embodies several intersectional identities. This speaker/therapist is: Queer, Pansexual, Latinx, Non-Binary, Kink/BDSM involved, and Polyamorous. Aside from the aforementioned identities, they were also raised in the Jehovah's Witness organization, albeit they are no longer involved in said organization. This speaker/therapists specializes in primarily working with the LGBQ+, Trans and Non-Binary, Kink/BDSM involved, and Non Monogamous communities. They also work with individuals with anxiety based issues, including but not limited to: generalized anxiety, separation anxiety, PTSD, OCD, etc. Lastly, they also work with parents of all varieties on an array of issues.

  • Role
    Mental Health Professional
  • Pronouns
  • Languages
    English, Hablo Español, French
  • Gender
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Speaking Engagements
    Workshop, Panel, Support Group
Top 6 Most Requested Speaking Topics

1. Mental Health 2. Gender Identity/Trans and Non Binary related issues 3. Non Monogamous relationship Structures 4. Sexuality/Sexual Identity/Queerness 5. Parenting/Family dynamics 6. Kink/BDSM

  • Institution
    University of Southern California
  • Degree
    Master of Social Work
  • Institution
    University of Southern California
  • Degree
    Bachelor of Arts in: Gender Studies, Sociology, and French
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