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Hello! I'm Toni Rose Mieses, a licensed mental health counselor deeply rooted in The Bronx, NY. My journey started in my borough, where a strong sense of community kindled my passion for supporting others. Recognizing a growing need for robust support among therapists, particularly those from diverse backgrounds, I have committed my career to enhancing the personal and professional wellness of mental health professionals.

Professional Background:
Holding a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology & Latin American Studies and a Masters of Science in Mental Health Counseling from the University at Albany, SUNY, my path has been rich and varied. I'm currently a final year PhD student at The Chicago School (TCS), specializing in International Psychology. My dissertation focuses on the experiences of BIPOC therapists in international settings. From my early days as a Hotline Counselor to leading roles in family therapy and mental health leadership, my career is a testament to my dedication to mental wellness and family support.

Key Achievements and Credentials:

Recipient of the Kimberly Esterman Award for my impactful work on the Middle Earth Crisis Hotline.
Honored as Social Worker of the Year at the New York Foundling, a reflection of my commitment to children and families.
Contributed as a secondary and tertiary author in research on the psychosocial wellness of Latinas, highlighting important community mental health issues.

Speaking Experience:
As a budding presenter, I have spoken at various professional conferences and training, sharing insights from my extensive experience in mental health counseling and advocacy.

Areas of Expertise:
My expertise centers around mental health awareness for therapists, clinical leadership in mental health, advocacy in mental health policy, and addressing the mental health needs of the Latinx community.

Personal Touch:
Infusing my talks with characteristic NYC humor, I strive to make complex mental health concepts relatable and understandable. My work goes beyond counseling, as I advocate for the mental health needs of professionals both locally and globally, ensuring that those who care for others are themselves well-supported.

  • Role
    Mental Health Professional, Mental Health Advocate
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  • Speaking Engagements
    Workshop, Panel, Moderator, Support Group
Top 6 Most Requested Speaking Topics

Core Speaking Topics:

Clinician Mental Health: With the increasing demand for mental health professionals, we're witnessing unprecedented levels of burnout and professionals exiting the field. My presentations address this crisis with a blend of empathy, empowerment, and humor. I delve into the impacts of burnout, vicarious trauma, and compassion fatigue, emphasizing how intentional boundaries, self-care, and continuous professional development can act as safeguards against these debilitating conditions. Furthermore, I extend the conversation to organizations and companies that depend on these professionals. I encourage them to consider how their culture, policies, and systemic issues affect their staff. My goal is to equip these entities with practical tools to support their clinicians effectively.

Mental Health Leadership in Motion: True leadership in mental health isn’t just about theoretical knowledge; it's about 'walking the walk.' My talks focus on how leaders, either in mental health spaces or those spearheading mental health initiatives, can effectively use their influence in three key areas: Clinical expertise, management, and inspirational leadership. Using an ecological approach and a dash of humor, I explore how leaders can make a tangible difference for both clinicians and clients, fostering environments where mental well-being is a priority and where leadership is as much about inspiration as it is about management.

Trainings/Workshops Offered


  • Super Supervision: Enhancing the Supervisory Alliance (Basics)
  • The Supervisor Coach: Empowering Therapists through Coaching Methods
  • Navigating Culture in Supervision
  • Clinical Evaluation & Assessments in Supervision
  • Supervision in a Crisis
  • Ethics in Supervision

Clinical Leadership & Management:

  • Foundations of Clinical Leadership in Mental Health Service Delivery
  • With the End in Mind: Strategic Planning for Mental Health Programs
  • Data-Driven Counseling Management
  • Leading with Humility: Increasing Cultural Competence & Humility in Mental Health Service Delivery
  • Clinical Project Management in Mental Health
  • Organizational Diagnosis & Assessment for Clinical Mental Health Programs
  • Institution
    University at Albany, SUNY
  • Degree
    Masters of Science, Mental Health Counseling
  • Institution
    The Chicago School
  • Degree
    International Psychology PhD (In Process)
  • 8 West 126th Street, New York City, New York 10027, United States

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