Suzzette Garcia, LPCC+

Suzzette Garcia, LPCC+
San Jose, California

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  • About the Speaker
    Suzzette Garcia is Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor +, Certified Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapist, American Psychological Association Fellow, Board Member for California’s Association Licensed Professional Clinical Counselors. Education and Program Development Manager for Lean in Latinas and a Social Justice Advocate. Suzzette grew up in a small agricultural community in California’s Central Valley which influenced her becoming a social justice advocate. Suzzette obtained her bachelor’s in psychology from Fresno’s National University and then went on to obtain her master’s in clinical counseling from San Francisco’s Alliant International University. Suzzette is currently the Clinical Program Manager for Rebekah Children’s Services Campbell Outpatient Department. She uses her platform at Rebekah’s to mentor beginning clinicians, spread mental health awareness in the Latino community and implement the development of therapeutic programs that are based in cultural competency, accessibility and diverse therapeutic interventions. Prior to her work in the mental health, Suzzette was the Founder and CEO of Inferno Elite All Starz Association, a non-profit organization that provided at risk youth access to mentoring, athletic programs, tutoring services and college application assistance. Suzzette’s goal is to empower individuals to meet their full potential through the integration of wellness and mentorship programs in schools, communities and corporate settings.
  • Topics

    Caregiver Burnout and Self-Care

    I have presented on the topic as a panelist and hosted workshops for community members and mental health providers. When discussing this topic, I provide psychoeducation on boundaries, burnout, self-care, personality disorders and codependency. I discuss the family system, cultural norms and normalize the difficulty of being a caregiver along with the rewards. I coach attendees on how to identify domains in their life that need self-care and collaborate on an accessible individualized plan for participants.

    RISE: LGBTQ+ Competency Training

    Conducted as a workshop targeted to caregivers, educators and mental health providers. The objective of the workshop is to provide knowledge for reducing barriers to permanency for LGBTQ+ and gender-variant children/youth in and out of the child welfare system.

    Eating Disorders

    I have presented on the topic as a keynote speaker, panelist and workshop trainer for K thru 12 educators, community members and mental health providers. I provide psychoeducation on the various eating disorders and warning signs, highlight the experience of marginalized identities, sharing current research and treatment options, provide community resources and promotion of Health at Every Size.

    Latinx Community and Mental Health

    I have presented on the topic as a keynote speaker, panelist and hosted workshops for community members and mental health providers on the topic. My objective is to provide psychoeducation on specific challenges that the Latinx community faces regarding mental health. In addition to discussing: stigma, language and financial barriers; special attention is focused on discussing the impact of migration, acculturation, assimilation, internalized racism and systematic racism on one’s emotional well-being.

    Community Violence, Toxic Stress and Trauma

    I have presented on the topic as a panelist and hosted workshops for community members, recreational leaders and mental health providers. The training objectives are to: provided information on community violence, toxic stress, trauma (i.e. factors, side effects) and increase ability to recognize warning signs and develop an action plan. I provided interventions focused on improvement of quality of care when working with individual that have mental health issues or have experienced trauma.

    Impostor Syndrome

    I have presented on the topic as a keynote speaker, panelist and done round table discussion for college students, early career professionals and women. I discuss the impact that Impostor Syndrome with in the education system, work force and community. I provide information of mental health risk such as anxiety, trauma and depression which can alter one’s brain chemistry and can impede one’s ability to perform. I discuss contributing factors (i.e. culture and gender roles, 1st Generation, lack of diversity and representation) and interventions to address Impostor Syndrome (i.e. developing networks, mentorships and a sense of community).

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