Solo Practice Documentation Bundle


This bundle is for private pay practices. There are no policies for practice’s that accept insurance as a form of payment. 
What you get in this bundle:

  • Informed Consent for Individuals (4 pages)
  • Informed Consent for Families and Couples (includes intake questions) (4 pages)
  • Informed Consent- Extra Clauses to Consider that are not currently in the Informed Consent document (4 pages)
  • Families-Couples Evaluation Questions (4.5 pages)
  • Intake Information for Minors- questions to consider for a minors’ intake (4-5 pages)
  • HIPAA- Notice of Privacy Practices (4 pages)
  • Credit Card Authorization Form (1 page)
  • Release of Information Consent Form (1.5-pages)
  • Private Practice Treatment Plan (3-pages)
  • Superbill Template (1 page)
  • Receipt of Notice of Privacy Practices (1 page)

No refunds for digital items. Upon paying, you will be prompted to download the item. It can only be downloaded once.

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