“Around the Corner” by MDC

Oh depression you old familiar foe We’ve been here before and I keep telling you to go But you come back each time And I must accept you will always be with me I can’t simply forget you when you’re gone As you’re waiting around the corner To arrive once again -MDC

Mental Health Labyrinth by MDC

To be honest, I’m not exactly sure where my mental health journey begins. Did it begin five years ago when I was officially diagnosed with depression?  Or did it begin eight years ago when I was living with someone who severely suffered from PTSD and major depression? Or did it begin during my adolescence before […]

An Apology Letter by Diana Alvarez

An Apology Letter A gentle touch at first shallow breathing & whispers to the ear do you like this I bet you do if you were to have seen the statue like nature of my pre-teen body my wide, bright, brown eyes suddenly sink maybe you would have stopped maybe you would have understood that […]

Cluttered, A Poem by Diana Alvarez

Cluttered, Like my “empty” kitchen sink.   Clear your mind,      you say so I begin to scrub, I scrub until all that is left are the stains left from the pain my knuckles start to swell and my hands bleed from my failed attempt to clear my head But the stains do not fade, […]

From A Mental Health Advocate- Julie Ariaguin

Mental Health is very near and dear to my heart. I feel like it’s extremely important to utilize my voice and have conversations like these because unfortunately  there is still so much stigma surrounding mental illness. I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression a while ago. When I was initially diagnosed I was mad at […]