Work with Adri

Consultation & Training

Adriana provides various consultations, to enroll, select the designated link below:

Podcast Consultation on Thursday, April 30th at 5pm PST

Investment: $24 for 1 hour of group consultation.

For podcasters of color looking for guidance on how to market their podcast, network with other podcasters, learn about services that help, brainstorm ideas in a safe place and receive feedback and support of podcast audio. a place to ask questions. Most importantly, we will build a community amongst each other. Limited to 8 podcasters. REQUIREMENT: Must have launched a podcast.?

Private Practice Marketing Circle

Thursday, April 30th @ 5:00pm PST
Monday, May 18th @ 6:00pm PST

Investment: $45 for 1 hour

For therapists of color in private practice looking for a community guidance on how to market their practice, increase their social media game, streamline services, develop strategies for website content or brainstorm ideas in a safe place and receive feedback and support of for your website. introvert therapists can learn how to network! This is a 1-hour mentorship circle, join monthly as needed.

Requirement: Must have a current practice set-up & running. This is not for clinicians who want to start a private practice.

Limited to 5 people.

Trauma-Focused Consultation Circles
Tuesday, May 12th @ 5:00pm-6:00pm PST
Thursday, June 4th @5:00pm-6:00pm PST

Investment: $25 for 75 minutes.

Open to therapists of color actively providing therapy to survivors of trauma & would like to learn about interventions, dissociation, cultural trauma responses & trauma-informed care. Participants expected to bring up questions & cases. Associates & students in practicum are welcomed. This is not for EMDR hours. Limited to 10 participants.

Community Consultation Circle for Latinx Therapists

Thursday, April 16th at 11:00am PST
Tuesday, April 21st @ 5:00pm PST

Investment: $25 for 1-hour.

Group consult format. Open to Latinx Therapists actively providing therapy services & in good standing with their board who would like to a casual space to receive emotional support from other therapists. This group will focus on interventions, how to practice ethically & have a space to discuss personal matters that may be in the way of clinical work without judgment. Associates & students in practicum are welcomed. If sliding scale is needed, please contact before enrolling here. Limited slots available. This is not for EMDR hours & this is not supervision. If you have any questions about the group, please contact me before enrolling: Limited to 8 non-Latinx Therapy Directory participants.

Other Consultations:
She also provides clinical consultations to organizations about mental health cases, workplace tragedies, trauma, anxiety and teen pregnancy. If you are an organization, please contact her at to speak about your needs.


Speaking Engagements & Events

Adriana is a professional speaker who conducts presentations, workshops and panels about mental health and/or podcasting. If you would like to book Adriana at an event, send her a message to discuss availability and rates. Be sure to include the type of event that will be hosted.

Mental Health Therapy from Adriana

If you are in California and are seeking therapy or counseling services from Adriana Alejandre, LMFT (#98925) visit or send a text to 818-963-6727 to schedule a consultation. Adriana specializes in EMDR, trauma and anxiety, and practices at her office in Burbank, CA and also provides therapy online.

Who is Adriana?

Adriana Alejandre is a Latina, Social Impact Entrepreneur and EMDR Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) based in Los Angeles.

Adriana became inspired to enter into mental health after becoming a single-mother during her sophomore year of college after suffering from Postpartum Depression. During her time in graduate school and while her son was 3, she accomplished publishing a chapter in a book, speaking at conferences, and becoming an accomplished therapist. She has experience and passion treating survivors of sexual assault, torture, child abuse and court-mandated individuals.

After graduating in 2015, she became trained in EMDR, and is currently going through the certification process. Within EMDR, she specializes in dissociation.

She opened Counseling and Trauma Therapy in 2017, her own private practice in Burbank, and specializes in trauma and anxiety among teens and adults.

In her first year of licensure, she noticed a lack of community with Latinx mental health professionals and decided to create a group that now has over 1,500 members of Latinx psychotherapists from all over the United States. It is her goal to have all professionals also housed under one website where they can continue to create their community and share culturally competent clinical material for the public to benefit from.

More personally, she grew up in the San Fernando Valley in a humble home with her Mexican father, Guatemalan mother, and 3 siblings. Mental health was not a topic of discussion, more so because of lack of awareness. ?El estres? aka stress, was the only topic brought up, but seeing a therapist was not

Adriana is a mother to an 8-year-old little boy and her family?s rescue dog, Shadow, a Miniature Pinscher/German Pinscher. She is currently engaged to a therapist and they are due to get married in October of 2019.

Founder of Latinx Therapy

In April 2018, Adriana Alejandre founded Latinx Therapy, a digital platform in the form of a podcast about mental wellbeing and destigmatization in the Latinx community. This project was created after she noticed a need for more education for the Latinx Spanish speaking community, especially in audio-form.

Within the first day, the Latinx Therapy got recognition from Apple, iTunes and other sources. More than anything, the mission of connection people to culturally sensitive mental health practitioners was achieved. People began reaching out to Adriana to ask for referrals to Latinx therapists, for themselves or their parents. That?s how Latinx Therapy began to expand.

She had created a Google Map of therapists within her network of Latinx mental health professionals and was using this to help connect people to therapists in their states. Since there were hundreds of people on a monthly basis asking for help, she knew she needed to do more. Currently, Latinx Therapy has expanded to be a trusted national, bilingual resource for the Latinx community, and this will continue to grow.