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Elaina Hernandez, LCSW

Elaina Hernandez, LCSW, PLLC

Cary, NC Hablo Español

A therapeutic relationship requires honesty and trust at its foundation. My goal, in this relationship, is to provide guidance highlighting your strengths that will help you throughout your journey. You are the key to success and motivation within to reach your goals both in a session and outside of the process. I welcome feedback so that you are an integral part during this therapeutic relationship. I understand that the person who knows you best - is you. While we work together towards your goals I will work with you in a sincere, practical and non-judgmental manner. I specialize in working with teenagers, young adults and adults with symptoms of depression, going through challenges with life transitions, stress management, individuals in the helping professions and those who would like support in coping with family members and parents with mental health conditions.

María Cristina Borges, MFT & CoachVerified

María Cristina Borges- Somatic Therapy & Coaching

Oakland, CA Online Sessions Hablo Español

Hola, my name is María Cristina. I’m a Boricua therapist and Coach. Latinx folks, immigrants, people of color, healers, artists, students, activists, and parents tend to seek me for support with stress and trauma and its impact on their relationships, health and life purpose. They want a space where the intersections of their identities are held and their stories honored. I have experience working with the process of acculturation, loss, how oppression shows in the body, anxiety, depression, trauma, creative blocks, sexuality, and parenting. As a somatic therapist, my work is grounded in different mind-body approaches and expressive arts modalities. I'm guided by the understanding that adverse experiences can have lasting impact in our lives and that socio-cultural context and intersecting identities have as much influence as early childhood experiences. Patriarchy, racism, capitalism, and colonialism shape us and are root causes of trauma. I work to bring into awareness all these different lenses and integrate different healing modalities using play, movement, creativity, and insight. I truly believe in the healing power of therapy. At the same time, I want this healing space to be grounded in justice. It is my commitment to break the barriers often created between these two and I strive for therapy to be a space where we can address how oppression shapes us and emerge from it with more joy, power, and balance. My passion is to accompany you in the search for more aliveness. I'd love to hear your story and support you in creating a more joyful life. My therapy practice is located in Oakland, California and I offer video session for folks interested that live in other parts of California. If you live outside of California, feel free to reach out and we can talk about my coaching practice.

Evelia Ilarraz, LCSWVerified

Oakland, CA Online Sessions Hablo Español

Therapy is a place where you can uncover any barriers that may be limiting your relationship with others and, most importantly, with yourself. When we can access and understand our inner thoughts and emotions, we become empowered to make better choices, love fully, and live lighter. I am keen on working with clients with trauma and helping them to uncover how our bodies and minds store traumatic experiences. Exploring the influence of our past experiences and cultural and family stories on how we love and see ourselves and love and see others is a vital part of my work. I am a compassionate, direct, and bilingual therapist who will provide you a nonjudgmental space to discover what you need and what does not serve you. My practice is influenced by psychodynamic and strength-based perspectives. I am particularly skilled in working with people who are experiencing anxiety, depression, or tackling social justice issues and who are ultimately seeking the tools for self-empowerment. I am open and excited to work with a wide range of individuals.

Georgina Garay-Lozano, LMFTVerified

Sherman Oaks, CA Online Sessions Hablo Español

As a trauma informed therapist, I support an in depth assessment of needs and strengths. Thorough exploration of your history helps to collaborate on the work to do in the present moment. Sessions can be tailored to your needs to help reduce or resolve your symptoms leading to an improved quality of life. My experience working in community mental health has led to extensive knowledge of effective ways to sadness, worry, and trauma reactions. I enjoy working with Latino immigrants and first generation children of immigrants. I offer consultations to further discuss your needs.

Angela Gallo, LMFT AssociateVerified

Gallo Therapy-Online Therapy in Texas

Fort Worth, TX Online Sessions Hablo Español

Hola! My name is Angela Gallo and I am a licensed marriage and family therapist associate. I am passionate about my work and especially passionate about serving my Latinx community. Our community faces particular hardships and my work is specialized and aimed at improving our resiliency. Para seguir adelante! I provide online services to anyone residing in Texas. This is especially important if you do not live close to a Latinx therapist, but would like the comfort and connection of someone with similar culture. Sessions are affordable even without insurance. Contact me if you are ready to begin therapy.

Violeta Huerta, LCSW

No Location Available

Amanda Serrano, MSW LCSWVerified

Sunrise-Amanecer Inc.

Greensboro, NC Online Sessions Hablo Español

Patricia Navarro, LMFTVerified

Luminiscent Psychotherapy Services

Long Beach, CA Hablo Español

Hola, mi nombre es Patricia Navarro, I was born in Mexico and eventually migrated to the United States when I was 12 years old. I am fluent in English and Spanish and I am bilingual and bicultural. Coming from a Latino family, it is very important for me to help our community understand the need to mental health services and how it can help us function better in our everyday life decision making. I work with families, adults, couples and children specializing in relationships conflict, anger management, ADHD, anxiety, mood disorders, multicultural, parenting, premarital counseling, and many developmental disorder such as Autism, Learning Disabilities, Intellectual Disabilities among children, teens, and adults. Before embarking on my path as a therapist, I work in the education field as a School Psychologist. My experience in this field brings depth to my work as a therapist. I have helped people determine the correct placements-including special education, residential treatment, and rehabilitation. My ultimate goal is to help you take that next step toward eliminating whatever obstacles prevent you from living life to its fullest. Feel free to reach out through email so we can set up an appointment. Patricia Navarro, LMFT located in Long Beach, CA specializing in relationship conflicts, anxiety and many developmental disorders such as Asperger's, Autism, Intellectual Disability among children, teens and adults.

Joseline Mejia, LMFTVerified

Konnect Counseling

La Mirada, CA Online Sessions Hablo Español

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As a first timer seeking therapy I was feeling overwhelmed and unsure where to begin. While social media gets a bad rap at times, it definitely helped me through the beginning process of finding my therapist! I knew I wanted a Hispanic/Latina woman therapist, so after coming across Latinx Therapy on Instagram I felt relief and motivation to keep on my search. I slid into the DM of Ms. Adriana Alejandre, founder of Latinx Therapy asking for advice and suggestions on how to find particular therapists in my area. Ms. Alejandre replied with not only compassion but a directory that was the goldmine in which I found my amazing therapist that I have been seeing for over 2 months now! I could not be more grateful for having found Latinx Therapy on Instagram and for Ms. Alejandre providing her directory. If you’re considering therapy and want to feel comfortable with someone in the Hispanic/Latinx community, but have no idea where to start I highly recommend the directory you can find on Latinxtherapy Instagram.


I really appreciated the ease of finding a Latinx therapist and services for not just myself, but also for my son. I reached out to Latinx Therapy and found that they had many members from all over in their network, so I was able to choose from different therapists and make the best decision for my family. Latinx Therapy's questions were also truly helpful, as I did not know what I should have been asking.

Jazmin T.

I’m a 26-year-old queer woman of color. It has been some time that I have spent doing research for a therapist in hopes of finding one that fits my wants and needs. I lost my mother a little over a year ago, my life has changed drastically, I’m constantly needing to readjust and I know that I would benefit from therapy. I found my therapist through Latinx Therapy. It’s difficult in our communities to find these Latinx women professionals and it has been refreshing to see someone put in the work to provide our community with this resource.

Genesis A.

I contacted Adriana [from Latinx Therapy] a few months back when my family and I were going through a very difficult transition. I didn’t know where to begin this journey- for one, I needed someone who not only understood my families background but also spoke Spanish. I believe it is very important to our community to have someone in the field of psychology as a mentor and a leader who genuinely cares for our community. Thank you, Adriana!

Jessica G.