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Elizabeth Esquivel, LMFT

Woodland Hills, CA Hablo Español

As a bilingual (English and Spanish) therapist, I have extensive experience working with Latino/a individuals and families, on a variety of life issues, such as immigration, cultural/adjustment depression, anxiety, PTSD, LGBTQIA+ and childhood trauma. I recognize that sometimes life can be challenging, painful and you might be feeling hopeless. I provide a warm and non-judgmental environment where we can work together on your goals. I will do my best to support and guide you to reach your highest potential, personally and professionally, by gaining insight and awareness. I believe in the power of healing and moving forward. Together we can embark on a journey to re-discover and process those feelings and experiences that are preventing you from living a more fulfilling and happier life. I offer a 20-minute free telephone consultation so we can discuss your needs and see if we may be a good fit to work together. Ofrezco servicios de terapia en español para individuos y familias. Tengo experiencia trabajando con personas que han tenido varias experiencias, como, trauma, problemas de migración, depresión, ansiedad, y tambien con la comunidad LGBTQIA+ Ofrezco una consulta de 20 minutos gratis por teléfono para platicar sobre sus necesidades y determinar si podemos trabajar juntos.

Amanda Garcia Torres, MA, LMHC, NCCVerified

Chairwork Therapy NYC

Long Island City, NY Online Sessions

I specialize in an experiential therapeutic modality called Chairwork. Chairwork is a way of doing therapy that is engaging, energetic, and challenging. It requires us to speak directly to our problems and not just vent about them. I have found this way of working to be very powerful. Shifts and resolution can happen very quickly and, in some cases, just one session. I work best with individuals who are ready and willing to take responsibility for their lives and who can roll with my very direct approach (and pop culture references). I also work well with individuals who have found that more traditional forms of talk therapy just didn’t work for them or who are now feeling stuck in their current therapy work. If we agree to work together, I will be completely committed to you and your healing journey.

Agueda Rivas, LMFT

Indigenous Circle of Wellness

Los Angeles, CA Hablo Español

I focus on creating a space that affirms and supports each individuals’ unique journey towards living full and authentic lives. I believe in the importance of uplifting the stories and practices of our communities. I understand the impact of systemic trauma on our mental health and also recognize the generational wisdom within our communities. I work with you to identify the things which may or may not be serving you in living your truth. I aim to create a safe, inclusive and intentional space in order to support you on your journey.

Veronica Vadía Morgenstern, LMSW

New York, NY Hablo Español

I know that the choice to be vulnerable with a stranger is not an easy one, and as a member of the Latinx community, this carries its own challenges. My aim is to provide a safe and supportive space in which we can openly discuss your stressors, emotions, thoughts, and goals. I work to understand and create goals based on the sentido of your unique situation. My expertise is in working with survivors of trauma to learn the skills to heal and move forward following experiences of childhood abuse, sexual assault and exploitation, domestic violence, immigration, community violence, and war. I have worked extensively to support individuals and families experiencing life transitions, loss and separation, anxiety and depression, addiction and relationship challenges. I have spent over a decade working to support culturally diverse Latinx New Yorkers in hospitals, schools, legal settings, and nonprofits as a therapist, advocate, and program director. Aside from providing therapy, I work as a consultant with different entities around the country to build capacity in providing compassionate, trauma-informed, culturally appropriate and equitable services and representation in English and Spanish. Mi horario es flexible y tendré más disponibilidad el próximo mes (noviembre 2019).

Evelynn Hernandez-Brown, LMFTVerified

Oakland, CA

Hey there! My name is Evelynn, and i'm Mexican-American, and a daughter, wife, and mother. I understand what it’s like to feel marginalized due to your identity, and my goal is to provide a responsive and affirming therapeutic space, where you feel understood in order to build resiliency and uncover your strengths. You're dealing with deep-rooted issues, and need a holistic approach to start to unpack it. I use a wide range of interventions (art, talk, role playing, CBT, mindfulness, writing) to explore the past, present and future, and meet the unique needs of each individual and their respective background and culture. I support my clients with better understanding themselves in order to have more purposeful, and meaningful lives. I'm eager to hear your story, and collaborate on what healing and wellness can look like.

Jennifer Vazquez, MS, AMFTVerified

The Relational Center

Los Angeles, CA Hablo Español

Hola! I am a bilingual therapist, I offer services in English and Spanish. I identify as a Chicana/Latina woman and I specialize in working with Latinx women. My intention is to be here for you and with you in the process of working with anxiety, stress, depression, self-esteem, trauma, and relationships. I work from a holistic approach and believe that what happens in our body is just as important as what happens in our mind. I enjoy incorporating mindfulness techniques and breath work into the therapy room to help bring insight and self-awareness. My main focus is to create a space where you can be yourself and work collaboratively on your needs, strengths and goals.

Fanny Vázquez, MS, LMFTVerified

Fanny Vázquez, LMFT

Long Beach, CA Hablo Español

Hi I’m Fanny, I provide Individual, Couples, and Family psychotherapy. In practice, I utilize both traditional and alternative approaches. I am both bilingual and bicultural, fluent in Spanish and provide services to the Spanish-Speaking and Latinx community. I believe that listening to a person’s story and approaching clients from a place of empathy and understanding helps heal. With over 15 years of experience working with individuals, couples and families of various backgrounds, I am committed to providing a safe and supportive environment. In therapy we work together to explore what is contributing to your unhappiness, what you can do change it and aim to find the best possible outcome for you. When working with couples I utilize Gottman Method and am currently participating in Certification Consultation Training. I have completed Levels, 1, 2, 3 and Treating Trauma and Affairs Training with the Gottman Institute.

Prisma Martinez, M.S. LMFT #111896Verified

Heal The Hurt Counseling

La crescenta, Ca Hablo Español

As a native Spanish speaking therapist, I strive in providing you with a safe space where you can be seen and heard while honoring your individual identity and culture. I am here to validate your experience and help you reach your highest potential. My compassionate approach helps guide you through the process of unraveling your uncertainties and making sense of those emotions and thoughts that keep you from living your best life. Take the first step and welcome yourself into the healing process that promotes a brighter and more resilient you.

Silvia Leija, LMFTVerified

Silvia Leija LMFT Psychotherapy, PLLC

Troy, MI Hablo Español

Hola! My name is Silvia and I specialize in Latinx families, couples, and individuals coping with anxiety, depression, immigration issues, infidelity, and general everyday life stressors. I also offer immigration evaluations for families seeking citizenship. Lastly, I am a certified Prepare & Enrich therapist for couples seeking pre or post marital counseling. I have dedicated my practice to securing a safe space to talk, explore and ultimately heal. Contact me to see if I am the right fit for you and lets start this journey together! Triste, confundid@, estresad@, tal vez deprimid@? ¿Quieres hablar con alguien sobre esto pero no sabes cómo? ¡Yo puedo ayudar! Recuerde cuidar la salud mental no es cosa de "locos." Todos necesitamos apoyo y un espacio para desahogarnos de vez en cuando. En mi práctica he creado un espacio seguro para hablar, explorar y sanar. ¡Contáctame para ver si soy la terapeuta adecuada para ti y comencemos este primer paso juntos!

Nancy Perez, LCSWVerified

Nancy Perez, LCSW

Brooklyn, NY , online sessions NY Online Sessions Hablo Español

I have done extensive work with trauma victims. In this work I have been able to really make our sessions a safe place where healing can begin to happen. I understand that taking the step to go to therapy is a courageous one. I strongly believe that it is the first step to healing and restoring wellness . I work with an eclectic model where I adapt the modality to see what would work best with the client. A lot of the work is done through CBT, mindfulness and narrative therapy. Puedo dar terapia individual en Español. No tengo disponibilidad para terapia de pareja o de familia en este momento. Los seguros de medico que son aceptados son solamente los nombrados en esta pagina. Gracias!

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As a first timer seeking therapy I was feeling overwhelmed and unsure where to begin. While social media gets a bad rap at times, it definitely helped me through the beginning process of finding my therapist! I knew I wanted a Hispanic/Latina woman therapist, so after coming across Latinx Therapy on Instagram I felt relief and motivation to keep on my search. I slid into the DM of Ms. Adriana Alejandre, founder of Latinx Therapy asking for advice and suggestions on how to find particular therapists in my area. Ms. Alejandre replied with not only compassion but a directory that was the goldmine in which I found my amazing therapist that I have been seeing for over 2 months now! I could not be more grateful for having found Latinx Therapy on Instagram and for Ms. Alejandre providing her directory. If you’re considering therapy and want to feel comfortable with someone in the Hispanic/Latinx community, but have no idea where to start I highly recommend the directory you can find on Latinxtherapy Instagram.


I really appreciated the ease of finding a Latinx therapist and services for not just myself, but also for my son. I reached out to Latinx Therapy and found that they had many members from all over in their network, so I was able to choose from different therapists and make the best decision for my family. Latinx Therapy's questions were also truly helpful, as I did not know what I should have been asking.

Jazmin T.

I’m a 26-year-old queer woman of color. It has been some time that I have spent doing research for a therapist in hopes of finding one that fits my wants and needs. I lost my mother a little over a year ago, my life has changed drastically, I’m constantly needing to readjust and I know that I would benefit from therapy. I found my therapist through Latinx Therapy. It’s difficult in our communities to find these Latinx women professionals and it has been refreshing to see someone put in the work to provide our community with this resource.

Genesis A.

I contacted Adriana [from Latinx Therapy] a few months back when my family and I were going through a very difficult transition. I didn’t know where to begin this journey- for one, I needed someone who not only understood my families background but also spoke Spanish. I believe it is very important to our community to have someone in the field of psychology as a mentor and a leader who genuinely cares for our community. Thank you, Adriana!

Jessica G.