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Janet Brito, PhD, PSY, LCSW, CSTVerified

Center for Sexual and Reproductive Health

Honolulu, Hawaii Online Sessions Hablo Español

Are you struggling with aspects of your sexuality or sex life? Do you find yourself hiding your sexual behavior from others? Do you have unresolved painful feelings that interfere with your ability to have a satisfying sexual relationship? If so, I want you to know that there is hope. I have dedicated my practice to helping people like you. You don’t have to continue living with feelings of pain, sadness, anger or guilt. There is a life for you that features less shame and more freedom regardless of the challenges you face today. You can become a more confident you. I will help you walk the path that makes your goals a reality.

Monique Castro, LMFTVerified

Indigenous Circle of Wellness

Commerce, CA Online Sessions

It is important for me to provide a space where you can be your true authentic and full self. I created Indigenous Circle of Wellness, a private practice, to truly support healing through a culturally inclusive and holistic way. My approach to mental wellness is deeply grounded in the value of family, community, and collective healing. I offer a space that centers the healing for Indigenous & People of Color, but is open to ALL folks on their healing journey. I work with adults, children, teens, couples, families, and I am LGBTQ2S affirming. I specialize in treating intergenerational & complex trauma and the various symptoms and/or diagnosis that are a result of such experiences; including PTSD, anxiety, depression, relationship challenges, identity, etc. I am a proud Indigenous Navajo & Chicana woman, born and raised in North East Los Angeles. I have over 12 years of professional experience, expanding from social services, program and leadership development, community organizing, education, and consulting. If I can be a resource in any way, I would love to connect and support you.

Jazmine Ortiz-Ulibarri, M.A., AMFTVerified

Pasadena, CA Online Sessions Hablo Español

As a clinician, I have the opportunity and privilege to offer an open, collaborative and therapeutic environment that is empathetic towards my clients. Using an eclectic therapeutic approach my task is to assist my clients in finding wholeness from within through broadening their capacity to accept change, and coming to healthy terms with the history of their lives. I am also contracted with the Los Angeles Archdiocese and operate from a faith-base perspective. I am trained in Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT), an evidence-based treatment approach shown to help individuals overcome trauma-related difficulties. I am a certified Maternal Mental Health therapist through PSI and MMHN and am trained in family systems along with UCLA PEERS model. I help couples through their pre-marital journey through FOCCUS. I also am trained in Applied Behavior Analysis and Play therapy to support developing children reach their milestones.

Genesis Games, LMHCVerified

South Miami Psychology Group

Miami, FL Hablo Español

I am a bilingual Licensed Mental Health Counselor in the state of Florida and currently practice at South Miami Psychology Group. I earned my Bachelor’s in Psychology from Florida International University and continued to earn my Master’s in Mental Health Counseling with a certificate in Marriage, Couples, and Family Therapy from the University of Central Florida. I have worked in outpatient and residential treatment centers for co-occurring disorders providing ample experience working with individuals presenting with an array of mental health issues and substance use. I have worked providing relationship education to couples and individuals at the Marriage and Family Research Institute at the University of Central Florida. Most recently, I worked providing trauma-informed therapy to unaccompanied minors under the Office of Refugee Resettlement. I integrate evidenced-based approaches including Rational Emotional Behavioral Therapy, The Gottman Method, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, and Solution-FocusedTechniques to help clients make meaningful and long lasting changes. I meet each of my clients where they are at in their journey and tailor my approaches to each client’s unique needs. I works with individuals, couples, and families. I conduct group sessions and relationship education workshops. I'm passionate about working with individuals in early recovery, the loved ones of individuals impacted by addiction, and immigrants struggling to adjust to a new life away from home. I help families stay together by providing comprehensive psychological evaluations for immigration cases.

Claudia Barfoot, LMHCVerified

Claudia Barfoot

Brooklyn, NY Online Sessions Hablo Español

Let's get you back to your center. As a psychotherapist, dream worker, and researcher of old ways of healing, my approach is integrative and culturally sensitive. I specialize in life transitions, relationships, trauma, grief and bereavement, and reproductive and maternal mental health. If you want to create a space to focus on your intentions, heal from what's been keeping you from fully experiencing life and relationships, and be open to your emotions without feeling overwhelmed, I invite you to join me in a process that can radically change your life by expanding your perspective, and your potential for growth. The success of my approach comes from a solid psychodynamic background and the incorporation of techniques such as accelerated experiential psychodynamic psychotherapy (AEDP), cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), and attachment-based, emotionally focused modalities. I am bilingual (English-Spanish) and having built successful careers in two countries has enriched my approach and broadened my skills. I am dedicated to working with you to understand what has limited you and what will expand your potential for growth and wellness.

Stephanie Villasenor, LMFTVerified

Villasenor Counseling

Commerce, CA Online Sessions

Sometimes in life, we are confronted by hurdles that seem difficult to overcome on our own. Let's do this together at a safe pace. I aim to build a strong bond between clients and myself. This sets the precedence for the rest of the treatment process. I utilize elements from different approaches to develop the best treatment plan suited for my clients, by exploring personal backgrounds and incorporating life experiences as a way to examine and resolve issues that hinder a healthy lifestyle. My goal is to guide my clients through a process of self-discovery and personal growth.

Nadia Alvarez, LMFTVerified

Nadia Alvarez, MFT

Los Angeles, CA

The solutions to the challenges we face are within each of us, we may just need some assistance in finding them. By beginning your search, you are already on the path towards growth. Whether you need to cultivate healthier patterns or confront something from your past, I would love to help you find solutions to improve the quality of your life. I earned my Bachelors in Psychology and Masters in Clinical Psychology from California State University, Fullerton. My area of focus in my masters program was negative mood regulation through self-efficacy: learning to believe you will feel better, will actually help you feel better! When I am not working with clients, I am teaching psychology courses at California State University, Fullerton. I take a mindfulness approach to therapy, which means we would work together to build a way of approaching life that allows you to have the most flexibility and resources to tackle anything that life throws your way. In our sessions you will be challenged to look inward and learn how to more effectively deal with negative thoughts and feelings. Additional professional training includes Bringing Trauma-Informed Yoga into Mental Health Clinical Practice and Mindfulness Meditation for Stress Reduction.

Zeahlot Lopez, M.S., LMFT LPCCVerified

Vida Therapy Inc.

Sherman Oaks, CA Online Sessions Hablo Español

Emilia Ortega-Jara, LCSW, Owner/Clinical DirectorVerified

Corazon Counseling Service

Riverside, CA Hablo Español

We are committed to providing culturally inclusive emotional support to individuals, couples, and families. Our holistic approach to healing addresses the whole person mind, body, heart, and spirit, it’s grounded in traditional ancestral knowledge and modern evidence based interventions. Our combined team specialties and expertise include working with Pregnant and Postpartum families, POC, Queer/Trans parents and youth, birth workers, first generation college students, couples, social justice activist/community organizers and the Spanish speaking immigrant community.

Lydiana Garcia, PhDVerified

Dr. Lydiana Garcia

Los Angeles, CA Online Sessions Hablo Español

HoLa! Welcome to my profile. I’m a bilingual (Spanish/English) Latina licensed psychologist. I facilitate healing, by exploring the roadblocks that are interfering with the life you deserve and strive for. In many cases, the roadblocks are responses and habits we developed during times of crisis and by experiencing trauma, and most likely were helpful and even needed in order for us to survive those times/events; however, these roadblocks are no longer serving us. First, I focus on establishing and promoting safety and regulation in the present, before addressing any past traumas/issues or future worries/concerns. Then, I work hand-in-hand with you addressing the presenting problem. During this time, I operate from a holistic viewpoint; integrating mind, body, and spirit. The therapy I provide is based on your needs, taking in consideration and being respectful to your beliefs and culture. I strongly value developing a strong therapeutic relationship, and I approach therapy from a human, compassionate, warmth and non-judgemental way. Remember, I’m on this journey too 🙂

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Latinx Therapy directory members share why they are breaking the stigma in their culture!

I really appreciated the ease of finding a Latinx therapist and services for not just myself, but also for my son. I reached out to Latinx Therapy and found that they had many members from all over in their network, so I was able to choose from different therapists and make the best decision for my family. Latinx Therapy's questions were also truly helpful, as I did not know what I should have been asking.

Jazmin T.

I’m a 26-year-old queer woman of color. It has been some time that I have spent doing research for a therapist in hopes of finding one that fits my wants and needs. I lost my mother a little over a year ago, my life has changed drastically, I’m constantly needing to readjust and I know that I would benefit from therapy. I found my therapist through Latinx Therapy. It’s difficult in our communities to find these Latinx women professionals and it has been refreshing to see someone put in the work to provide our community with this resource.

Genesis A.

I contacted Adriana [from Latinx Therapy] a few months back when my family and I were going through a very difficult transition. I didn’t know where to begin this journey- for one, I needed someone who not only understood my families background but also spoke Spanish. I believe it is very important to our community to have someone in the field of psychology as a mentor and a leader who genuinely cares for our community. Thank you, Adriana!

Jessica G.